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Message posted by Paul Barnes on 08 March 2003 at 6:40am - IP Logged
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Paul Barnes
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United Kingdom
24 June 2002
108 Posts

Where is it going to be then? Xc is showing 24-33mph winds at Boulmer at 0630 so it could be a good day. I'll probably be at Hadston by about 0900 if anyone wants a wind report.


Message posted by Andy Freeman on 08 March 2003 at 7:12am - IP Logged
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Andy Freeman
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United Kingdom
04 September 2002
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Looking good ft the moment, might be able to get away for a sail if this keeps up.

if it is as westerly as XC weather is showing coquet might be a better option than Hadston, where are the merry bunch of nutters today i ask? 

07879495022 is the number to ring

****** Andy Freeman ******

Message posted by Gavin Duthie on 08 March 2003 at 8:34am - IP Logged
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Gavin Duthie
Forum Moderator
Forum Moderator
28 May 2002
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I am up for it but probably can't get to Hadston untill 2ish. Any chance of a call to let me know if you go anywhere else other than Hadston ? .................... mobile 07836 330358

               .......   www.gavinduthie.com

Message posted by RayRobson on 08 March 2003 at 9:18am - IP Logged
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27 May 2002
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Ominously, the wind has now dropped but the forecast is still reasonable. The wind is supposed to go around to SW later which would be better at Hadston than Coquet. Paul B reports F4 at Hadston at 9:15, cross-off. I aim to get to Hadston for 10:30ish. Please let me know if you go anywhere else. 07771-770092

Ray Robson

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