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Subject Topic: Downhaul cleat - it’s mine! Post Reply Post New Topic
Message posted by Ross on 01 June 2002 at 6:25am - IP Logged
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28 May 2002
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I lost my silver cleat with blue cord at our Beadnell day last weekend.  Could that be the one that you recovered, by any chance?

See you soon,  good luck with your studies and exams!


Message posted by RayRobson on 02 June 2002 at 4:10pm - IP Logged
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27 May 2002
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it now looks like we have 3 bids for the downhaul puller. Ross has entered a late claim (obviously entirely fictional - he's just on the scrounge for freebies as usual), Gavin got in first with a story about losing a puller with a piece of pink rope attached (assuming he'd collect before the real owner realised it was lost), and my entirely genuine loss of a red metalic item. So who's is it?There's a lot riding on this - don't make the wrong decision.



Ray Robson

Message posted by Alec Scott on 04 June 2002 at 2:02pm - IP Logged
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Alec Scott
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United Kingdom
04 June 2002
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Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!! Three takers for the puller. I feel a huge burden on my shoulders in making this decision. I do wish you boys would write your name on these things.

I don't think this one is yours Ross because I found it the day 'before' you 'allege' to have lost yours (puller, that is).

Ray is stirring and I suspect using this opportunity to blacken the name of our leader, perhaps with desires of mutiny in mind. Even if the puller is Ray's, I feel compelled to keep it from him as a sign of allegiance to our chairman.

Gavin, I'm still leaning towards your story more than the others. Fairness and justice will prevail!


Message posted by Gavin Duthie on 10 June 2002 at 5:32pm - IP Logged
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Gavin Duthie
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28 May 2002
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Much against my natural insticts I am going to have to concede on this one, as well ................................. I've found mine. You boys will have to scrap this one out yourselves.

...................... the stranger in a strange land

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