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2004 Winter
Tony C, Beadnell at high tide, 23 December 2004. 4.7m, horribly gusty westerly
20 March Adrian searching for a pot of gold
20 March Andy braving the storm F8.
Ray, 23 December 2020 Beadnell
Steve C, 23 December 2020 Beadnell
Steve C, 23 December 2020 Beadnell
Steve C and Matt NU, 23 December 2020 Beadnell
Frustrating Beadnell 14 November 2020
Hadston January
The Merry Band of Nutters - Sunny January Day
Tim Crashing Out
Ray’s Gybe Masterclass (?!)
Steve Boyd in Spray
Steve C Hadston January
Sunday 28 March Matt, Fingers in the water
Sunday 28 March Alastair Carves
Look One Hand
Sunday 28 March Phil Jerry on 8.5m when others 5.8 - 7.0 and he flew!
Sunday 28 March Ross Carves
Sunday 28 March Steve Boyd with Peter in front (not for long!)
Sunday 28 March Steve B
Sunday 28 March Tony C
Sunday 28 March Tony C again
Ray: pre-crash gybe
Ray achieves escape velocity
Ray & Matt
Ray: Overpowered gybe/bounce/crash
Steve B
3 at Hadston
Steve B
Matt Munches on a Boom - Hungry game this windsurfing
Hadston Shorebreak
14 03 John C at Boardwalk
Sunday 14 03
John C disappearing Sunday 14 03
14 03 John C walking!!!
Andy Watches
Out at Hadston
Ray Gybing