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My Smelly Surf Wagon
Peter on the road to Renesse, 2003.
Gavin facing south, praying for wind. Wind God later sent a steady F4 SSW. It works!!
Adrian proudly poses beside his new love, THE VAN! 155mph. 0-60mph in 3 seconds, 400BHP, wheelspins in third, limited slip diff, high lift cams. 75% carbon mudflaps. Rustproof interior (we hope!).
Ally's extended flat pack trailer
Peter's trailer in Green livery
Andy F
Andy F on his Hymer
Steve Obi Wan Boydy and Obi Wan Soxy
Matt S surfing on his ultimate surf wagon, the unique and understated SUPERSKODA.
SUPERSKODA, side view.
Another morning, another beach - Ross's van, Cornwall 2006
May 2006, Ross's new surf van, packed and ready to rock.
Martin H
Matt NU
It's January & Carls still in shorts !
Rich's VW Macro Bus (before modification)
Latest update on the Rich's bus interior
Rich Van 1 year later after windows removed and resprayed Augusr 2006
Rich Van
Rich Van
Rich Van
Ross's surf wagon, 2002-2006
Steve C
Tony "Tdog"