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Sunday 25 Sept 2020 D-Bay - Gavin Duthie
A pleasant little Sunday big kit outing. Tdog, Ray, Andy F and myself met at 2.00pm for a F3/4 SW 19C late summer offering. Seven something with much pumping (at first) got you moving, but providence rained down on the righteous and manna from heaven was gratefully received in the shape of F4 in abundance, albeit (at first) afar out in Adrianland for much satisfaction. Friday's five foot swell was still motoring in, slightly diminished in size but now turbo charged in speed which meant a race against each set coming in, but when you got over one ..... wahay !

Friday 23 Sept 2020 D-Bay BR - Gavin Duthie
A nice little session was had with mostly 5.5 to 6.2's being flown in a SSW (slightly cross off) F4/5 at 19C partially sunny afternoon. We met at 2.30pm, TDOG, Terry Mac, Jon, Boydy, Ross and myself. Sea was nicely ramped with a 5ft 4 second swell running that was hitting you direct as you sailed out, so perfect starboard tack jumping was to be had. We had a sweet little 2 hour workout with about 50% of it fully powered up.

It ended with some black clouds and a major shift in the wind to offshore occurred. If we had been inclined we could then of had more as it was starting to whitecap again further out, but none of us wanted to risk the westerly which had already caught Ross out with a 20 minute swim back.

Sunday 18 September At the boat ramp - Tony Champion

A disappointing forecast and a disappointing turnout but Paul Gilmore, Steve C and I (Tdog) were there and enjoyed some 7+ cruising in the sunshine and flat water. The wind was cross-shore and a bit gusty and variable but some good blasting runs were achieved along with rather fewer long wobbles. No great excitement except for about 5 minutes when our lightly downhauled 7+s had to cope with a top end 5. At the end Steve and I, after being backwinded on the inside, had to swim the last 10 yds to the beach but the beach by then was only 3ft wide so the bonus was a very short carry.

Oh yes. One more thing. Steve particularly requested that I include the fact that he went by me he says for the first time ever. I would like to report that it was my first run out on an untuned (over downhauled and underpowered) sail and he cheated by using his hourís experience of the conditions by hacking upwind to the wind line and then swooping down on a broad reach. A fair stuff? Hardly.

Wednesday 14 September Beadnell blastfest - Tony Champion
I arrived late to find Steve C, Andy and Carl already in action. Steve had tried out a new 7.2 and found it satisfactory, Carl was getting hammered on a 6.7 and Andy reported that over by the Nannies his 5.8 was decidedly frisky. Steve and I and a later arriving Matt then rigged 5.5s but the wind was a bit light on the North side of the big dune and it was very gusty at times Ė a typical Westerly. None the less it was possible to plane off the beach non stop to the far side if like me you didnít get drilled occasionally off the Nannies. Unfortunately there was significant chop and although Andy was on his Bee and expecting to break speed records a mere 51.something kph was all he managed. Regrettably I was not going nearly as well and he went by me on the North side and although keeping in touch I got comprehensively drilled off the Nannies so couldnít judge my speed against his when fully powered up. It was pretty hard work, especially after the previous dayís efforts but Beadnell was as beautiful as ever and we all had mixed feelings when the wind dropped at I think 4ish. Before then Steve had gone back out on his 7.2 despite having been up all night regurgitating prawns from my local hostelry. Epic Beadnell.

Tuesday 13 September Boatramp - Tony Champion
Most of the usual mid-week suspects: Andy, Terry Mac, Bob, Tdog, Dave and a newcomer from Bedlington met at the boat ramp at 12ish, rigged 5.0 to 5.8 and ventured forth into a straight cross-shore breeze which although a bit iffy at times never let up for long. Terry Mac upsized to 6.0 and I think was probably better off than most of us but I would have struggled in the gusts with my 6.3. The chop on the outside was pretty fierce and until I dug out a smaller fin I got turned over and clattered fairly regularly. Most were on wave boards or sub 100l. Andy alternated between Bee and wave board, I stuck with 105l Enduro for exploratory reasons although well aware I would have been more comfortable on something smaller.

A good but not epic time was had by all until 3.30 when I think all but Terry Mac packed in and then late arriving workers, Steve B and Brian showed us how it should be done in the best wind of the day. As I left I passed Martin H on the road. I suppose virtue is sometimes rewarded.

Friday 9 September AWESOME Boat Ramp - Gavin Duthie
AWESOME is the only word for today's session, here's how.

Unusually most potential sailors took heed of the impressive forecasts that were being issued and consequently an impressive turnout of 9 were there early doors, despite the driving rain and chilly 12C. Ross was WM with a 5.5 90l combo ( I think) and we watched him set off in to the F5 noreaster followed closely by John C. Ross jibed before a monster wave and John just went on over them out into the abyss. We all quickly followed with a range of 5 point something's and 85 - 100 litre boards. The low tide situation worked well today with the Scaurs reef cleaning the inside up a treat, minimising the shore break which looked to be a bit of a nightmare further down the bay at the Boardwalk, indeed we were joined quickly by a dude who had driven up from York for this, who had initially tried launching from the Boardwalk with absolutely no success, saw us and drove up to join the fun.

Once through the inside which was all white water, slightly iffy wind and the odd occasional monster rearing up to take you by surprise not to mention bits of windsurfers and dismounted riders (more of that later), you got into some HUGE clean rollers which I would say had to be a least 10ft at there biggest, and some of these were so steep they were breaking far out in open water. Going out was a pure jump fest and coming back in on those monster faces was more like down hill skiing.

I saw numerous mega air incidents, planned and unplanned, several munchings and some brilliant jibing on the faces of those juggernauts. From churned up sandy white water surf zone to clean green translucent peaks out at sea, with Fulmars and Gannets skimming the peaks and troughs checking you out from 3ft away.

Andy IF had a swim, lost his kit in a big munching but all got washed ashore 400yds down the bay, lucky luck boy. I rode over Ray when I came over a peak and he was down in the water on the other side. .......sorry mate , but given the conditions there was surprisingly no tears .

The role call was Ross, John C, Boydy, Andy F, Terry Mac, Gavin, Brian, Ray and the dude from York. They were there, and praise be so was I ....... AWESOME.

Sat 3 September D-Bay Boardwalk - Gavin Duthie
After a bit of a delay, the wind, as predicted by Gypsy Rose Freeman kicked in about 14.00. Which if a sea breeze doesn't happen to do by this magical time, best just go home with tail between legs. We were joined by FT-DOG (that's the "faster" version of TDOG)who timed his visit just as the wind arrived and to meet a club old boy in the shape of Dave "Sunsail" Gray, who was up on a visit from the sarf coast, evening all Dave.

Conditions were a very steady cross on ESE F4, sunny and warm and as the day progressed a superb rolling swell fetched up to give some brilliant wave play

Pond Club Weekend - Martin Haigh

On a weekend when I promised myself I would do the obligatory Bank Holiday; DIY, big sort out, tidy house, gardening, clean car, etc. All I could muster was 3 days sailing on the pond starting Friday afternoon with a host of Ladyburn regulars.

Sunday saw Tony L, Reiner, Paul and Ally join the posse of 12 in the wind down by the Visitor Centre, Tony having the lion's share of the gusty wind by the looks of it.Monday the wind was less gusty and I almost regretted rigging my 8.4 as I clattered across the pond at a max speed of 21.4mph - my gps is quite old and this must have included a tack or two as at times I wished the madness would stop and I was safe on the shore

Monday 29 August Beadnell gybotorium - Andy Freeman

Well, those who manages to drag their carcasses to Beadnell before the bank holiday masses descended were rewarded with a solid F5 gyberama.
Carl, ambulance John and a few others were there and had a pretty good blast for their troubles.
For my part stringing together multiple crossings of the bay with a dry, never off the plane gybe at each end.
Only downside was hitting a tow line from a skiboat and chipping my fin.
Plus side is a soon to be announced top speed for the GPS ladder. Will post it this evening after I have run it through the software to check for any spikes..

Paul Hewitt
I couldnít make Beadnell but had an excellent hour at Seaton Point before the wind dropped off, its great to be able to be derigged and home in 10 mins especially when your earning brownie points. Proper workout for the Cross 117 it didnít let me down.

Sunday 28 August Allonby - Jimmy & Steve Boyd

Well worth the drive mostly 4.2 and 4.7's out.
Good 3-4ft ramps on way out and mixed waves on way back in, quite choppy with short fetch. Fairly tame all round water water-starting/ getting it wrong. Refreshing change to normal flat water blasting and def. need more air time w/surfing practise.

Steve Boyd
i defo made the best choice by having a last minute dash to Allonby for 3hours sailing well powered up on 4.7m and the wave board. plenty of blasting ,jumping gybing and a bit of backside riding in a slightly confused sea state but probably i missed the best of the clean waves at mid tide as i had to leave early. it was nice to be back on small kit in a good quality strong wind, it just makes life much easier and i struggled at first, i have not used my 4.7 this year yet.

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