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Sunday 28 August Boardwalk - Peter Amos

Well for once I am relieved that I went to the beach and did not sail.
I arrived around 2.00 with Cath & Rich in tow. Went to the lake to drop off longboard for T15 to find disconsolate Tony L, Ally and Reiner all been out on the water but wind dead.
At the beach people hanging around waiting for wind or limping back to shore. We went for a walk up the beach and headed into F5 with sand lifting, turned around and saw 4 or 5 blasting out to sea. A minute or two later turned round to see the same all trying to water start or limping back with no wind.
Problem was you could not rig for the lulls otherwise would be massively overpowered. Those out on the water will be able to better describe the conditions but a very strange day.
We decide to cut our losses and go home to suffer the low of Newcastle loosing and the High of beating the Aussies.
Still Saturday was good.

Ray Robson
Well, that was one of the gustyiest, frustrating sails for a long time. And when I got home, the wind picked up of course

Andy Freeman
It was not a good sail then? I thought as I sat through a "god bothering" session where some poor litle soul had water poured over it looked fantastic outside.
As I sat eating pastry based things and quaffing ale I thought possible 4.2 weather.
After beer, wine and Champagne I though sod it, Couldn't drive there even if I wanted too and so settled down with the other men to watch the football and listen to the cricket..

Tony Champion
You were a lucky man Andy. I think they were the worst conditions I have ever sailed in. I'm on my way to the beach now to try and find some of the ejected dummies

Saturday 27 August Boardwalk - Peter Amos
Gavin met up with Rich & I at D-Bay around 12.00. We took a brief look at the North end and Boatramp, but lobster pots abound so returned to the Boardwalk. Quite different from the preceding three weekends when we had NW and big swell breaking shorebreak. This time it was flat water SW around F4 dropping to F3 occasionally. Order of the day was T-bird 7.5 used by Rich on Radar 125, Gavin on F2 145 and later by Paul G on Fanatic 145. I being the odd one out using 9.3 Gastra on Starboard Formula 155.
We all got planing and other than Paul who arrived late we had over two hours of good sailing. GPS recorded my top speed at 19.1 mph and Rich at 20.8 mph.
Weather was fine so sorry not to see more people taking advantage of the relaxed conditions.
I should add that Andy also made an appearance with little Ross in tow so no sailing for him

Friday 26 August Boatramp - Andy Freeman
6.2 100 lites.....6 sailors and many more pot lines.
Watch out for TDOG, he has a new board and fancies his chances of passing you. Must say he was going bloody well and I certainly needed both hands on the boom to stop him passing me .
Joined by Boydy, TDOG, Terry Mc, John B and a bloke on a Mistral Syncro Lee?

Ally Madd
six of us on pond next door had fun on and off the plane on 7.5!/135ltr ,just go's to show the difference, Andy on 6.2/100ltr the sea.

Saturday 20 Aug D-Bay Classic 3 - Peter Amos
The forecast had not predicted any wind but it looked to me from XC that there were again strong winds out on the North Sea and the weather station at Cullercoats was showing a strengthening wind from NW, much like the previous two weekends. So Steve Cís early morning call that ďitís the proverbial 5.8 weather hereĒ resulted in me joining him at Druridge at 9.30am.

We looked at the North end but the tide was well out and there was a fishing boat in the bay so adjourned to the Boardwalk and elected to use same kit as preceding two weekends, 5.8 100L for Steve and 6.6 125L for me.

The wind blew NNW cross-shore and was lifting sand so I guess you would put it at F5, occasionally dropping to F4. It was low tide when we started to sail and as the tide came in there was a big swell and fairly strong shore break with a nasty rip tide.

We were joined as we rigged up by Nicholas who on an old style Screamer again showed what a good sailor he is. Dave Roberts showed up with the new style Screamer with more people dropping in as the day went on, including and please forgive omissions, Ray, Gavin and Steve B. From the number of sails on the water I think there must have been more. Andy was there at the start with little Ross and a camera so photographs may become available.

When I left at around 3.00 I got a call from Terry D who said he was going to sail and indeed I passed him in his car as I made my weary but satisfied way home. There were still people out on the water at this time and well powered up so the session may have gone until late in the afternoon..

Remarkable to have three consecutive weekends with wind in August even more so that it should be from NNW. It really goes to show that they are spoilt silly in the South where the prevailing SW gives them these sort of wavy cross-shore conditions, if only it was like this all the time. On the whole a better sail for me than the previous two weekends.

Just hope we get some wind over the Bank Holiday!

Sun 14 Aug - D-Bay classic - Ross Ketteridge
What can I say? Thanks Andy, good call mate. That should cover it. Or maybe Iíll buy you a few pints the next time I see you.

Iíd all but given up that the forecast northerly in the North Sea would come anywhere near the coast but came it did and, as forecast by our own Mr Freeman, it came early and left at around lunchtime, as I did myself.

As a result of the forecast, we hit the water by an unusually early 0920, Gavin and I on 5.5m, Steve on 5.8 and Andy on 6.2. As the morning progressed we were joined by a few more, including Tony C, Alistair, Paul G, our new French buddy (Iím sorry I forgot your name!), Peter and a few of the Derwent posse including Terry McG.

The first two hours were fabulous, with a steady F5 cross shore northerly making great ramps for a truly excellent bump and jump session. I was well powered until about midday when it tailed off, but even then there was none of the usual gustiness you get in a SW or S wind. The icing on the cake was that the sun shone for most of the morning too.

At one stage Gavin floated in the water and took some action shots of Steve, Andy and myself. Luckily my best jumping is on port tack so I can confirm (and there should be photographic evidence too) that Ketteridge did actually get his fin clear of the water today! Photos to be published soon, we hope!

Tony C was sailing his new toy, a Naish Enduro 105 which has rails you can cut your finger on and a top speed that may be faster than even Andy F. Or even Barnesy. No, maybe not that fast!

I shanít be able to sail for a while as I go to Canada in a few days time to see the aforementioned Mr Barnes, so it was perfect timing that we got such an excellent session this weekend.

And thanks again to Andy Ė you may be a pessimistic bugger at times but Iím glad I listened to you this time!

Sun 07 Aug - D-Bay Boardwalk - Ross Ketteridge
The overdue weekend epic happens at last. Unforecast F5 NNW wind. 5.5m sails, small boards. Whitecaps galore. Ten sailors. Sunshine. Big sharp chop on the way out. Blistering runs on the way back in with gybes in the flat water between waves. High tide and a short walk to finish. Smiles of relief all round.

Workshy Wednesday 3 August Beadnell - Andy Freeman
There had been some activity on the web site alluding to the possibility of a sail on Wednesday and so I found myself Thundering up the coast to me meet with the work shy, lazy and gainfully underemployed of the NE.

I shall not do a roll call as there were quite a few sailors who I am embarrassed to say I did not know or have forgotten but I shall mention those I can remember and who disgraced themselves or performed beyond that which is expected of mortal man.

Six metres seemed to be the order of the day. This being a westerly it probably was the mean required sail size but anything from an 11 in the lulls to a 4.7 in the gusts would have been appropriate.

High speed blasting was the order of the day and many a sailor was spending their time crossing the bay at top speed and staying dry in their gybes. I suggested a bodydrag competition which was soon forgotten when Gavin suggested a race across the bay. Three competitors, only one winner, the Freeman. On the far side were sad three were joined by TDOG who tried to Psyche us out tweaking his kit. I was persecuted for winning the first leg and made to start from downwind. On the word go we all set off. Gavin and Matt gang an early advantage. dirty wind from the rest left me floundering in everones wake for at least 100 metres till i started catching TDOG who did what i would have done in his position, resort to gamesmanship. . Forcing me upwind and not letting me past. Eventually managing to squeeze past and try and catch the other two who were both flying. Managed to catch Gavin and then pip Matt to the line with barely a few metres to go..... YEE HAAA first winner of the inaugural B-Bay there and back!

Matt and I then tried to see who could do the best bodydrag. No competition here, Matt was miles ahead. Not only were his bodydrags better but his rag doll being worried by a terrier impression was awesome. Never seen such violent catapults that did not end up with physical or equipment damage.

Also in attendance were Brian, with GPS, Steve C with a 5.8 and a cameo by Dave Roberts to add to the throng.

As i packed up Gavin was snapping away so hopefully there will be some nice shots for the gallery. Probably not mad action but it having been a nice bright day they might be worth a look.

Tues 26 July - Bamburgh - Andy Freeman
I was in Leeds when I remembered there had been some wind forecast. I rang Gavin who was a little distracted and then rang Steve B who informed me there were people heading up to Beadnell.

Warp engines engaged and I was back in Cramlington loading the car in no time at all. I soon became unstuck as clearly Northumberland had changed its speed limits from MPH to KPH overnight. Either that or there are lots of holiday makers on the roads. Got a call to say the wind at Beadnell was not so good and TDOG, Steve were heading up to Bamburgh.

The wind was cross on and looked to be 6.2 weather to me. A 100 metre wind shadow looked as if it would dissapear with the falling tide and so it did. It was not really 6.2 weather though, as I was getting a little bit overpowered the further out I went . But my new 6.2 Loft Freewave coped admirably with a little more downhaul. A minor classic really with the only slight downside being 2 foot chop spaced 2 foot apart which played havoc with my fillings.

Sat 30th July 05 - D.Bay - Gavin Duthie
Sailing today were Andy, Matt, Ross and myself. Kit was all about 100litres and cloth hoisted was 6m' ish. Wind was due north and cross off at the boardwalk. Temps were a pretty miserable 13C. The main positive today we actually had some sailable wind and a nice bit of groundswell of 5+ ft. Andy and I had a good hour before the reserves arrived for the crumbs. Both had a bit of fun, but Matt had to upsize to bigger kit to continue, and he seemed to be going well with his choice, but Ross had spat the dummy out by now and was bemoaning the fact that the love of a good women had increased his personnel literage by 14ibs. A nice LITTLE session but welcome in this barren windless summer.

Sun 17 Jul: Terry Dobson Sails!!! - Gavin Duthie
This is how it happened. theyr predict a SW F4 and especially up the coast, Terry D gives me a ring and we decide to chance it, with the fall back of a possible sea breeze if theyr is wrong. I pack but there's a stupid little boy racer on a moby sat across my drive, had to honk to get out, so hacky looks and squeeling tyres, .... god ! great start to the day, then two magpies were spotted, maybe not so bad afterall. Got to Beadnell, no wind maybe not, then Ally phones and I give him the worst, no wind, he says he's going to stick his head in a food blender for the rest of the day, I laugh. Decide to look at Bamburgh as the sea breeze from the SE seems to be building. The beaches are packed, as are the car parks and it's bloody hot (26C) AND there's not a breath of wind. Head back south, and arrange to meet Terry at Newton Links where we will wait for the sea breeze to kick in.

After chilling on the beach for a while and no sign of wind, Carragher rings, " there's wind down here, the yachts are keeling over at Coquet " ..... quick change of plan we upsticks and head sceptically for D-Bay.

We arrive at 2.00pm D-Bay boatramp to see a fresh SE blowing cross on and white caps forming. 7.5's are rigged, with Steve shortly later on his 8.5. What follows is a superb burn n' turn session reaching far up into the bay, running almost parallel with the beach.
At times the 2ft rolling swell, makes for some diverse entertainment, but the main event of the day is seeing Terry D, on a board blasting along having a fantastic time.

Considering the start we had, the grins were especially wide bearing in mind the poor summer so far. God bless mates, sea breezes and yer mobile phone.

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