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Sat 02 Jul - Allonby (Report 2) - Steve Boyd
Allonby played its trump card again, I arrived at 13.00 to 18-20degrees air temperature and a cross shore southerly wind of about F4-5. I rigged 6.2m on my 94litre and over the next two hours the wind steadily increased. Ross arrived suitably prepared with major hangover and lack of sleep-?

The session just got better and and the water turned from a flat water blast to some nice jumping ramps developing and nice swell out the back for gybing. At 1600 i was so overpowerwed i came into change down and almost opted for 5.3 and the wave board(which i could have easily used an hour later) but opted for 5.8m and the 94 with a small fin. The first hour was saw a small lull and then picked up again with the wind swinging SSW creating some bigger ramps. the next hour saw me well powered to overpowered, maxed out blasting and floaty chop hops and jumps culminating in almost a full half hours sailing without a break or stop. Ross had a good sail but i suspect his hangover was slowing him down a bit! I can't remember a time i have sailed passed and away from him so much!

The beauty of Allonby is the conditions. The wind does not lull or gust badly but maintains a steadiness that is hard to beat. I estimate i was planing 90% of the time and is worth the trip for this alone.

The best part i save till last. The water temperature. I had a shorty on sailed for four hours with out getting cold. When i first went into the water it was like a warm bath, so pleasant and what a difference it makes to the sailing. I urge any of you, the next time there is nothing forecast for our coast and there is atleast force 4 forecast for here on a S to SW it will be atleast F5 and worth a trip or weekend. With all the beaches we sail in the north east i just think it is a shame a lot of good sailors are missing out on yet another uniqe sailing experience. Just ask Ross, I think he will agree.

On a separate note i had a look at the Moricambe estuary just 8 miles north of Allonby it is excellent. Surrounded on three sides by land and atleast 4x the size of budle bay with only chest depth water across most of it(only sailable 2 hours either side of high tide), but the beauty is there is no high ground around it for a good 10 miles any wind direction should be very clean here. So the possibilities for a future club weekend away with short travelling distance(2hours max) and sailing conditions to suit all abilities has been found. The village of Silloth is close by on the coast and could be a good base.

With hind sight it was a pity this weekend had not coincided with the ullswater trip as we could have sailed the southerly on saturday and the sw on sunday morning before it started to die off.

i did not get my act together for beadnell on sunday but scored an hour at D-bay before lunch with Bob on 6.2, some good flat water, blasting. It came back a bit after lunch but to knackered after saturday!

Sun 03 Jul - Beadnell - Ross Ketteridge
Happy days Ė another Beadnell semi-classic!

In summary, it was, for me, a great three hour session that started at 10am and ended at around 1pm, just before high tide.

The direction was SW so we sailed out of the bay from the usual end, coming close to the jetty at times.

Most of the time it was a clean wind that was the top end of a F4, maybe F5 in the gusts. I sailed 6.2m/94lt throughout and never felt the need to go larger or smaller. The sea was pretty flat with some confused chop and a little bit of swell. The sun shone brightly as does my red forehead that I have just checked in the mirror!

When I launched at 10am there were at least three on the water already! Gavin, Andy and Steve had made an early start as they were aware of the forecast which said that the wind would be stronger in the morning and less so in the afternoon. In the event, that is precisely what happened. So theyr.net was accurate once again. As lunchtime approached the periods of lulls became longer and more frequent and although it kept threatening to fill in again it never really did, so I headed homeward. I hope for those that stayed that it did come back to full strength for a while.

The turnout was impressive. Forgive me if I miss you but as I recall, the sailors were Gavin, Andy, Steve C, Raymond, Tony C, Ray, Martin H, Matt B, Ally, Peter, Paul G, Reiner, Seb and Moz (special mention, first time on the salty stuff).

Sat 02 Jul - Allonby - Team Tarmac Scores Again. - Ross Ketteridge
Well, just back home after a great weekend.

Camped at Side Farm, Patterdale, Friday night then on to Allonby to meet Obi Wan Boydy at 2pm.

By then he was already flying on 6.2m and 94lt so off I went on my 85lt and 5.5m.

After a marginal first half hour, for two glorious hours after this I was well powered and got some great (for me) jumps off some excellent ramps in the bay.

The shore break was tame and the wind stayed cross shore all afternoon. The sea was WARM!!

By the time I left the water the steady strong wind had built to 4.7m weather, whitecaps everywhere. Steve had by this time already downsized to 5.8 and was getting overpowered.

A great fix and once again, well worth the trip over, yeeha!

Sunday 26 June - Miracles do happen - Tdog & Paul Hewitt & Carl
Amble Report from Tony Champion

Phone rings at 12pm:
Tdog: Hallo.
Carragher: Hallo Tony.
Tdog: I donít believe itís windy.
Carrragher: Iím down on the beach and it's 14mph Ė 5.8 weather.
Tdog: Iíve heard this all before. Thereís not a breath here.
Carragher: Honestly there is enough for big kit. Do you fancy it?
Tdog, reliving in his mind the countless times that he has heard this story, believed it and suffered purgatory as a result: OK Iíve nothing better to do. See you on the beach in half an hour but I might well turn round and come straight home again.

Convened at Amble. Steve rigged 8.5 on a formula board. I rigged 7.5 on my 125 Bee. Then followed 2 and a half hours of continuous planing for both of us. The wind (cross shore) was as steady as I have ever sailed. Inside the sea was absolutely flat building on the outside to a 3-4 ft swell over the reef. I was never overpowered and only dropped off the plane in the gybe and once or twice on the reach but never for more than a minute. Steve, with the bigger sail planed instantly on sheeting in but strangely enough was marginally slower on the reaches. We decided that my O2 was a much faster sail than his old Sailworks.

About as good a day as you can get with big kit although there wasnít much adrenaline released. Only spoiled by the fact that we were the only two there apart from the terns, puffins and seals

Ladyburn Report from Paul Hewitt

It came, that was the sunshine and a reasonably decent sea breeze, it was great to see about a dozen sailors out on the water with sails ranging from 5.5 up to 9.2 on a variety if boards from 98 litres up to 220 litres. it is nice to see new faces christening there kit. I enjoyed an excellent afternoon session and achieved my first ever body drag. Ally was going well on his newly acquired board with 7.5 rig.

A good afternoon even though it wasnt howling, pity I was working??????????

Beadnell Report from Carl

Got out aswell yesterday, I've been on Jury Service all week and yesterday afternoon was the first chance I had to get out. The wind was directly onshore at Beadnell and at about 4pm the water was over the reef in the middle of the bay, I rigged my 6.6 and took out my now very tied Techno and had 2 and a half hours of planing from one side of the bay to another. My computer had some problem with the server yesterday so I couldn't post a message telling everyone it was windy at Beadnell.

Wednesday 22 June D-Bay does Kefalos - Gavin Duthie
A bit of Dodecanese came to Northumberland today, in the shape of a 28C temperature and a shifty off shore wind with blue sky,sunshine and turquoise waters. The start was very positive with Boydy and myself arriving to see a new guy from Bradford coming in on his wave board and a 5.5m rigged, the water slightly whitecapping and perfect crossshore SSW, ok so he wasn't planning but he said he had been. Not seeing any evidence, I rigged the trusty 7.5 and went out to play in a F4/3. What followed was a typical Kefalos blast, and as the day went on it became more similar as the wind shifted to cross offshore. Carragher and Tdog also played out on 5.8 and 6.5 respectively but struggled at times as the wind died. Conclusion being ........ phew what a scorcher !

Mon 20 June - Costa Del D-Bay - Gavin Duthie
Let's just gloss over the fact that today was Monday and windy Mondays always follow windless weekends, 'nuff said!

Anyway for those lucky buggers, Tdog, Boydy, Carragher , Dave (?) and myself who managed to make it today it was a welcome relief for some who had not sailed all June. The sun was hot (25C) and the wind was a tad shifty but when it got its act together it was a belting cross off SW to WSW F4 which got me on a 7.5 /140lt combo flying.

With a high tide you had to go some way out to find a more consistent wind at times which Carragher did on his 5.8 and put in a good show but suffered at times. Tdog after a few splutterings got going after he changed up to a bigger board. Dave (?) on a 6.5/Flow was also having a blast.

Boydy probably wished he'd stayed on the beach with the dog, but hey, he caught some rays and has Wednesday to look forward to.

In conclusion a roasting hot day, a fantastic flat blue water blast (certainly for me) and much needed fix.

Big Saturday 28th May at D-Bay. - Boydy, Andy F & Gavin
Boydy - " A good workout but a most enjoyable first hour on 5.3 and wave board in good wind with some nice wave riding thrown in. Then in went into carnage and the "storm" 4.2 got an airing but it was complete survival and wave riding and even jumping were a lottery. If it had stayed at F6 it would have been perfect. still, we had a session. I sit here now with an ice pack on the swollen thumb that i managed to jam into the boom whilst getting catapulted on the face whilst going down the line in 6 inches of water. I think Steve Carragher probably got the best by dashing out there quickly. I'm Knackered but still smiling and contented! "

Andy F - " Indeed I would go as far as to have called it Silly Saturday.

The conditions were challenging and exhilarating but for the most part out of my comfort zone. Possibly owning a 3.7 might have put a different slant on things so the 100k boys struggled on with 4.2.

In fact the wind blown sand has abraded the mono on my sail. It has only been used six times and the panels are now opaque.

Boulmer had gusts up to 48 mph and Spadeadam ones of over 50. I think the 42 at Newcastle airport might be closer to the mark but still windy in anyone's book.

Sore hands and smiles as I write this and just a hint of sadness that is all we are going to get this weekend. "

Gavin Duthie - " I was lucky enough to get a session in with Carragher before all hell let loose. Sat on the beach with my smallest sail (4.7) most of the day waiting for it to abate. For the first time ever I had to fetch the kit up off the beach, for fear of the whole ensemble being ground down to a paste by flying sand. Not quickly enough though and now my shiny new 4.7 is like Andy's, opaque in places. Tried my luck again when it seemed to have moderated slightly, and got a few short runs out only to be truly trashed, and thrown about like the proverbial rag doll. Got a lump on the head to prove it. Shame it was not slightly less, as it would have been a true classic with sun, heat (19C), perfect cross shore , tide out and all your mates at your local beach.
All the gentlemen of larger proportions with smaller sails had the best of it today, me at 80kg on 100l/4.7 got spanked after my early session, most of the time. "

22 May - Sundayís Solo Sailor - Peter Amos
Well it said Kielder on the Calendar so I went, no-one else did. I know the weather forecast was poor and in truth it wasnít a great day. But as ever Kielder is this great expanse of safe water and I was surprised some on the ďPond ClubĒ did not avail themselves of the opportunity. So safe that at one point as the wind had dropped I took the opportunity to drop the sail, sit on the board just chilling in the sunshine and admire the scenery then I received a visit from a safety boat that blasted 200yds across the water to check up on me.

Dave D was there with the NEWS boys but they were having a frustrating time as wind was very on off. The formula boys went clattering away only to be caught up as soon as the wind dropped. The sun did shine although there was a rainfall as I packed up around 3.00pm.

On the whole I enjoyed my day out but I donít blame anyone for not making the trip, it is a long way and if all you want is planning conditions that can never be guaranteed. I think a trip to Kielder has to be for more reasons that just wanting a blast and if you go with that frame of mind itís usually worth the trip.

Fri 20 May: D-Bay - Gavin Duthie
Once again the trusty Friday Flyer came up trumps.

Tdog, Andy F and myself met at D-Bay Hadston. A F3 dead onshore was how it started, followed by a huge downpour, then a F4 SW and finished off with a F5 S.

The initial 7m rigs were dispensed with and 5+m came out to play. As is customary with a FF the sun blazed down and the sea was rampy ....... mmm classic, and we had some late comers ( Boydy and Terry G) sampling the end of the session. Another brilliant Friday slightly de-classified by a diminishing patchy wind towards the end.

Image of the day is Tdog sailing in glasses which he had forgotten to dispense with prior to launching.

Sat 14 May - Ladyburn Lake - Martin Haigh
Well worth the trip despite my earlier dismissal, sorry Jayne

The first hour was harness and footstrap training for me, someone did mention there might be a speed limit on the lake, I hope the warden wasn't watching

As the wind lessened there was some fun sailing to be had by myself, Xander, Jayne and another guy who's name I didnt catch, and we managed to avoid collision with any of other other 15 or so lake users (Coquet Shorebased Trust)

At 5 o'clock we packed up and left a prospective new member, Andy from Morpeth, to enjoy the sunshine and what wind was remaining.

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