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Sat 21 April - Allonby - Ross

Steve and Matt arrived at Allonby a half hour or so after me and were met with the same glorious sight of a spring low tide already starting to rush in and whitecaps to the horizon.  Its amazing that on the drive over, there was barely a flutter of a leaf until the beach was almost in view.


It was classic Allonby again although the sea state and the shore break were tamer than normal due to the amount of south in the wind direction.  Ramps galore on the outside meant that even yours truly was getting some air although we all paled into insignificance at the sight of the Allonby locals including one guy (Adrian) who was looping and sailing with the sail the wrong way round half the time.  It was very impressive to watch.


Boydy rigged 5.3, Matt 5.7 and me 4.7.  Remarkably all three sails were the right size although Matt suffered a little with excess power in the sail in the latter part of the session, and in the first hour I was a tad underpowered.


The wind, as I allude to, built from a top end F4 at the start, through to a good F6 when we left the water some time after 3pm.  As Ive said before, the novelty of sailing at Allonby is the steadiness of the wind it seems to have none of the gusts that we get on the east coast.  Sure, it varies but it appears to gradually build and fall   in a smooth, predictable way.


It was the first good workout Id had in a while so I was shot but happy after three and a half hours, and Matt was spent as well although it was his bleeding hands that bore the brunt of what was a very physical session.


By contrast the only damage that Boydy sustained was to his smiling muscles, as he grinned like a Cheshire cat throughout, having had a superb sailing session.  I suspect that he will fall asleep in front of the telly tonight though. . .


Once again Allonby came up with the goods and made the total of four hours driving well worth it.


Addendum 1 (Boydy)

ross, you forgot to mention that the sun shone all day and the temp in the very steady cross onshore wind in the car park right on the beach was 16 degrees centigrade. best sailing conditions this year yet. will be making more trips for conditions like that, well powered up comfortable full on footstrap/harness planing 95% of the time, but i do not want to rub it in as that is not my style.


Addendum 2 (Matt)

Boydy did alittle shimmy and caugt me out, changing from a proposed 6.2 to 5.3 whilst I was not looking. Hence i was convinced I shouldn't be overowered when on my 5.7, continually downhauling to give the sail some control. Was only when I got back in that I discovered the truth, it was a 5.3. Torn hands emerged but a sense of belief in my own sailing ability returned as I found out, all credit to the Severne sail, it is an impressive animal.


Addendum 3 (Boydy again)

I some how knew i would get the blame for that matt. as almost everyone else was sailing on 5.4m to 4.7m did not set any alarm bells ringing?   . I know your way of thinking matt as we are usually on a similar sail size i bet you thought if boydy can hold onto a 6.2m then theyr is no way i am changing down from 5.7m to 5.0m, what will people think! as it happens they were all wondering why you had not changed down as it was the biggest sail on the water, it looked like the QE2 surrounded by rowing boats! still we all had a good sail. Still we all had an excellent short board small(and big sail!) sail day (as you most always get at Allonby) no need to say anymore.            the emoticons can do that for me!

Easter Monday 09 Apr - Boulmer - Peter

After calling in at Seaton Point the Boulmer Seals ( in this case Martin Mike & I) reconviened at Boulmer Haven. The tide was out but still going out so shallow across the whole bay. This did mean that some rocks near the middle were to cause Mike to loose a fin when travelling at speed and did cut down the planing area somewhat. Still for a first session on the North Sea this year for me it was a welcome easy sail.

At first (from around 1.00) there was not really any planing going on, but from around 2.00 for a good hour or more there was planing to be had with Martin and I on T Bird 7.5's and around 125L boards.

There were 3 others out, sorry do not know your names but will add if you supply, and Cath was on the beach so photos were taken (now in Gallery Summer 2007).

The nice thing about Boulmer is you can try that carve gybe on the outside and still be in shallows if you come off. A good place for learning even if you cannot get those long runs out, like at Seaton Point.

Easter Monday 09 Apr - Seaton Point - Ross

Unlike yesterday, I had the whole day to go sailing today, but as it turned out, the end result was the same: an excellent one our flat water blasting session on a sunny day at Seaton Point.

The wind was really up and down.  Whitecapping when we arrived then disappearing for an hour then picking up and settling down to solid 6.5m weather for around an hour.  During this period I was perfectly rigged with my 6.2m until an hour later it lulled back to 8m weather, when Rob and others on big sails (Peter, Glen) made the most of the (by now) real summer conditions.

Andy and Gavin persevered too and Steve C made a good late showing on a 7.2m but I think I was lucky to have the right sail when the wind was at its strongest.  The big sail guys (especially Rob) had a good couple of hours of excellent sailing.

Easter Sunday 08 Apr - Seaton Point - Ross
Got to Seaton Point late (3.45pm) and had a great one hour's blasting on a 5.5m and 95lt. Up and down but not really gusty considering the westerly direction. Super sunny and mild. A short but sweet session of well powered blasting and long drawn out gybes in perhaps the most beautiful spot of the coast. Then a cuppa and snack at Freeman Towers on the way home.

Great to see Tim (AKA Ribs) back home and on the water.

Easter Sunday 08 Apr - Boulmer - Rob
Got to Boulmer at about haflf 2.Mike and Martin were aready out.The wind was indifferent so i rigged an 8.0m, better to be overpowered after all. I went for the 112l techno to start but due to the very flat water soon got the 150ltr Rocket. I had a great hour sailing before my boom snapped. Martin and Mike were having a great time with smaller boards. Martin cracked his board and was forced to use his 110 ltr AHD and Mike was enjoying his new 100 ltr Max 2 Air. Overall a great little session in great conditions. Hopefully the same tomorrow.

Easter Sunday 08 Apr - Derwent - Boydy
derwent was 5.3m for me, 7.5m race sails were out for a short while then sails from 5.0m to 6.8m(big phil with massive catapults, my 5.3m was ample!) had a good 2 hours the last hour fully powered up planing from side to side and into the speed bay, terry was out earlier on 4.5m then went to 5.0m. 13 degrees sunny and windy! i gave seaton a miss as i thought it may not be windy enough as 5.3m is my biggest at the moment. hope those at the coast got a decent blast.

Sat 31 March - Blyth - John C
Quick report.

Enjoyed a quick pre-night out blast at Blyth. Launched from the new car park, rigged 6.2m with 100l JP FS board. Wind was from the NNE slightly cross on shore and deceptively light on the shore as I was surprised to be so well powered up once out. Small shore break but big swell out back to gybe off.

Sat 17 March - Derwent Res - Boydy
myself, terry and matt got out at derwent (water temp bearable) on 4.7 (me), 4.5 for terry and 4.2 for matt. terry and matt had the best when it was in the west, i arrived got about half an hour and had to change up to the big board and thenit swung south westerly and afew low rain clouds came in and it went crap. terry and matt had the best of it.

Sat 17 March - Beadnell - Ross
A decent little session at Beadnell.

I was on 4.7m, most others were on around 5.5m. The wind swung from dead westerly to SW as the tide receded, and became less gusty.

Lots of nice choppy blasting but the forecast steady strong SW (hence my determination to stay on 4.7) never really materialised.

One of the periods of no wind left me swimming in the middle for a long ten minutes and saw Tdog end up on the rocks at the east side of the jetty, but it came back eventually.
Seals were swimming around us the whole session, and not just Martin H and Mike. Real seals! Also there was Nico, Gavin, Ray (after a long absence), Andy and Tdog.

Sun 11 March: Allonby - Boydy

arrived to find 11 degrees and a strong southerly with john c about to rig 4.0m. i opted for 4.2m and most were going for 3.7-4.0m. the sea was very lumpy and the wind very gusty overpowered 4.2 for me then underpowered. later at high tide it cleaned up as the waves picked up a bit. i broke my outhaul and boom clamp and generally had a poor sail as i have not used the 4.2m for a while and was knackered. john c had a better session and the waves were really good at the end, just to tired to use them.

saturday at d-bay with 4.7m SW-WSW gusty + flat but a sail, allonby with 4.2m and lumps and bumps and waves, i really like sub 5.0m weather on the wave board!

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