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Sun & Mon 29 & 30 Aug 2020 - Two Tacks @ BW-D-Bay - Gavin Duthie
Forgive the somewhat brief nature of this report, but after a 3dayer mega sesh, the events all seem to roll into each other.
Starboard tack Saturday was sunny, F5-6 SW and high tide. It seemed like most of the club was there and it was mental on the outside. 5m was the order with 5.5's being blown off the water. Inside was horrible with a BAD springs wind shadow in the lee the dunes. Barnsey was bouncing, Freeman was moaning, Jeff was loosing his kit and Ross was WAY overpowered. When we weren't being slatted on the outside, it made for a VERY entertaining sesh. Conversely port tack Monday wasn't sunny, tide was out and the NW F5 arrived late after the early birds had flown home to DIY, baby etc duties and papa Ray finally got a sail. Sorry I can't remember every one who was there, but you know who you are and whether you had fun or not.

Mon 30 Aug - Blyth (Monday sailing at last!!) - Brian Day
9.30am and I was just finishing my walk along the beach with the dogs, thinking to myself that things weren’t looking to promising. On arrival at the car, Paul was waiting with the news that the Sluice looked solid with wind, was I going out? Reluctantly I tried enthusiasm and said yes, pack up and meet at my house for the trip to Amble.

As we arrived at Amble, everyone was leaving……not a good sign……but we decided to check it out anyway. On top of the dunes all was revealed……..more kelp and rocks than water! Ross had returned to tell us everyone was off to the board walk….so off we went. The board walk wasn’t looking good, but the views improved as a group of leggy young ladies arrived. Despite the lack of wind I decided to dress up in rubber and walk down the beach clutching my well used antiques!

Waddle, waddle, plane, plain, aeroplane, waddle, waddle, check the view and the long walk back….de- rig…..Oh there go the girls, they packed in too! It must have been bad. A few tempting gusts kept me watching, but everyone seemed to be doing the same dance. Desperate for another fix, I decided to check Amble again….a little more water, slightly fewer rocks, but still a good helping of kelp, slightly less wind, but with some added rain to make the scene even less tempting……homeward bound to earn some brownie points.

Home, some munchies and out to empty the car, hang on I’ll just check Blyth…..I was only going to avoid some interesting jobs, like wash the car cut the grass etc…..Cross shore, a small wave, Phil, (complete with knackered back) Clive and Bob all out sailing! Two minutes, the obligatory 5.2 and Naish wave board and I was out there too!

Well powered up, ramps on the outside for jumping, but I stayed in to ride, 1 - 2 ft soft high tide waves with cross off winds, for 2 hours.

As we packed in Eric Gibson and Joan came down to shoot the breeze, and a good time was had by all! Phil, who hasn’t sailed in 3 years because of his back was as consistent as ever with his lovely fluid style on the waves, he recons a couple of days agony should see him fit enough to sail again, here’s hoping so!

The wind dropped enough for a surf later down at SP’s. Guess I’ll have to drag myself out for another session this morning, then a high tide sesh tonight. Life’s a bummer eh!

The only thing to spoil yesterday was when some kind person had let their car door gouge a hole in the side of my Cooper S and then drive off……Oh well there goes the new mast again……anyway I recon if I’ve got through most of the summer without my 5.7, then maybe I won’t need it until next year now.

Sun 29 Aug - Family "Fun" Day QEII - Lesley Roberts
Few families - and even less fun . . .

Bank Holiday Sunday this year provided us with a great deal more wind than last year - with the result that QE Lake wasn’t the first sailing choice for most. However, at 10.45, breakfast well underway with Ross, Paul B, Kelly, Andy and Terry tucking into bacon butties and toast by the lakeside. By midday, most sailors had arrived - without families in tow - and it wasn’t long before consensus was reached and the majority set off for Hadston. For those of us who stayed to keep the bunting company - Raymond, Martin H (with family), Reiner, Lesley, and a new member, Andy (aka Shadow), disappointment was high. The short runs, gusts, slimy and rocky launch area, and the ****** weed got the better of us. With determination, Raymond set off for Ladyburn. Now there’s a thought. If we had our family fun days there, the pond posse and the salty lot would only be a few hundred yards apart - close enough for a BBQ afterwards . . .

Addendum by Editor and your Chairman:
Well, I am ashamed to admit that I did desert the lake for the sea, after suffering some dilemma and feeling guilty afterward. But notwithstanding my absence and that of the twelve or so that headed beachward, I would have expected that a membership of over seventy would have been able to swell the remaining lake-based numbers to more than half a dozen. Thank you to all who made the effort and I am desperately sorry that it was effectively a complete failure. As I said before the event, when the wind forecast for the day was starting to look strong, the fact of life is that those NWC folks who love to sail on the sea will always sail on the sea when presented with the choices of either sail on the sea or stay at QEII lake, especially when they haven't had a fix in a while. The whole subject, that of organised events and what people actually want NWC to do in this area in future, is already on the agenda of the end of year AGM, at which I hope the attendance is better than the QEII day! At least there will be beer at the AGM and it will be dark so nobody can go sailing. . .

Sun 29 Aug - Allonby - Steve Boyd
Allonby beckoned for me today and I arrived to find sun and broken cloud and about 24-28 knots of wind in a SW-WSW direction. There were six of the locals already out changing from 5.0m to 4.5m at the south end of the beach were the conditions were cross to cross on. I rigged a 4.7m on my JP and sailed(overpowered at times) for about 2.5 hours in cross on jumping and backside riding with odd shifts in the wind, enough to allow a few frontside smacks. About 4pm just as i came out the wind went to 4.0m weather. I was done by this time and headed home.

Friday 27th August Beadnell Epic - Tony Champion

No bronze medals were awarded but this was what windsurfing is all about. Blue sky, blue water and wind and more wind and then even more wind. Northumbrian Windsurfers fielded (floated surely) a big team for a Friday pm, Brian, Paul and Gavin were first on the water at about 12pm to be followed by two Tonys, Steve B, Andy, Steve Stimpson, David and Carl. Gavin started on a 6.5; I dont know what Paul put up but something similar I guess because Gavin came in sometime later to change down having suffered a thorough mullering on the far side and Paul didnt have to. I had had the benefit of seeing Brian going fairly well on a 5.2 so went for 5.7, and Tony L went for 5.5 but realistically it was one of those days when in any 5 minutes any sail size between 4.5 and 9 would have been OK for some of the time. High speed, on the edge, blasting was the order of the day but not on sinkers as Paul sailing briefly knee deep demonstrated. It was quite difficult to see what everyone else was doing but the wide grins told their own story. It was hard work though in the gusty conditions. Paul and I have qualified for the next Olympic synchronized tail walking with aerial maneuver after the same force 7 or possibly more gust blew us both straight into the air.

After about an hour and a half of this some sensible souls changed down as the wind got up further. The 2 Tones went down to 5 and Paul to 5.8 and Andy to 5.4. I also changed down to an 80 l board having figured that the wind was a bit more constant. 5 was plenty and by 3pm a lightning trip across the bay and back required ever lengthening learned debate in the shallows to relieve the muscular pain. During one of these we watched with interest as Carl dragged his kit up the harbour wall but he rejoined us later during the 4 5pm just one last blast phase and was still on the water at 5.30 when we dragged our kit up the rapidly increasing expanse of beach to head home.

The quote of the day was on everybodys lips. God, Im knackered but wasnt that fun?
(Ed-nearly didn't post this so envious GREEEER)

Friday 27th August Ladyburn Dash - Martin Hazard
I had foolishly arranged to be busy this afternoon and unable to make what looks set to be an epic Beadnell session so had to make do with a quick dash around on the murky stuff.
And quite a dash it was, the GPS I happened to have strapped to my boom read a max speed of 23.8mph!!!!!!! But it felt a lot faster! It was good to see that the old pond is clearing after all the rain and the weeds are receding, it may give some more good sailing before it closes for the winter in 6 or 7 weeks. It wasn't the best direction for Ladyburn but it gave some exciting and often overpowered runs on an 8.4 before changing down to 6.5 which felt much more controllable but just as fast as the wind picked up!
Also there for an early blast were Paul, Andy G and Seb. As we packed away Ally, Raymond and another were rigging up to join Duncan who somehow managed to keep his Nova in contact with the water on a 7.8 and grinned from ear to ear!

La Torche - France / August 2004 - Gavin Duthie
Having just got back from the west coast of France, and been through numerous tail ends of hurricanes Alex, Fanny Adams etc etc, I'm somewhat surprised and saddened to see that dear old blighty didn't get a bit more of the feast. If my experience over the last two weeks is anything to go by, then Brittany is a ROCKING destination for Summer. Facing the Atlantic and the notorious Bay of Biscay it seems destined to pick up something if it's out there, be it just surf or wind as swell.

I had great luck to visit La Torche on a particularly good day, (after a hellish night in a tent I might add, but that's another story). The bay is very similar to Druridge, but with the Scaurs elevated to a bit of dry land which makes a superb viewing platform (pics to follow). The swell was awesome with several guys doing back and forward loops, and wave riding par excellence. If only D-Bay faced several thousand miles of open sea, we too would have a top international venue.

Every where else on the coast there is beaches and bays to suit every direction the elements can throw at you.
Excellent surfing and sailing destination, and oh yes kite surfers everywhere !

Wednesday 18 August at Amble - Tony Champion
Steve C and I convened at Amble at 1ish to see white caps on the outside. Steve rigged his trusty 5.8 and was soon wobbling out in the direction of Coquet Island with not a white cap in site. I bided my time and chose a 6.3 and 106l combination and as I carried it down to the beach Steve was planing in but rather underpowered so I launched with a feeling of smug satisfaction, wobbled out to Coquet Island, blew the flare gybe, tried to waterstart for 10 minutes, uphauled with difficulty and wobbled in again. Not even Steve could get going. I then stood on the beach for half an hour watching Steve pumping like fury in order to catch the odd wave. Then a 10 minute burst of wind gave us a couple of good runs out to the Island and back and again nothing for half an hour. One more burst of 5 minutes wind provided another planing run out to the Island but it died and we packed up and went home as the wind got up again.

In hindsight 7.5s were probably the order of the day on bigger boards but there was quite a hefty swell at times and the bigger boards might have been a handful.

Sun 08 Aug - Classic Kielder Day - Ross Ketteridge
I must admit that I was among the contingent that believed that maybe the best chance of a sail, in the SE wind that was forecast today, was at Amble. As it turned out, seventeen NWC folk had a stunningly great day at Kielder Water, bathed in sunshine and hanging mostly onto often overpowered six point something metre sails in the steadiest wind I have ever sailed in there.

The concern, the previous day, as we hummed and harred about where to sail, was that a SE would be “offshore” at Kielder Sailing Club and gusty to boot. In fact it was more ESE, blowing over the dam a few hundred metres to the right, so it was more cross shore, and the gustiness was restricted only to a nasty 100m wind shadow section that was no worse than rather awkward on the way out, if you chose to sail a sinker, as I did for the latter half of the session. The funny thing is I noticed that my 95lt, that is normally a floater, really did sink, as I negotiated the dead spot and prayed that I wouldn’t fall in before reaching the F5 wind line, which of course I then proceeded to do several times, dammit.

Anyway, beyond the stress of the dead spot, the windy bit was a superb playground offering over one mile reaches over flat water at first then quite choppy lake later.

It was great to see so many salty old seadogs getting some pond. The turnout was indeed impressive:
Paul B, Tony C, Steve C, Andy F, Peter, Ally, Adrian, Jackie, Jeff W, Kevin 1, Kevin 2, Seb, Moz, Terry D, Martin H, Mike T.

Ally has maiden voyage on new JP 120. Board survives. Ally doesn’t, being rescued but has a very wide grin and says he’s in love with beloved boardipoos.
Adrian gets so far downwind that we anticipate marathon walk of shame or rescue but blistering single reach makes him half a mile upwind in one go.
Tony C goes out on 6.6m race sail that holds 120 litres of water in its luff tube and proves that water starting in fresh water without buoyancy vest is difficult to say the least. Avoids humiliation of rescue boat by a whisker.
Mike Tyler turns up and the wind does not drop but increases allowing him to rip on an 89lt Gecko. Like riding a bike.
Ross, in unusually opportunistic full speed blast mode, is able to exact revenge on Andy, for uncountable similar previous misdemeanours, by executing a perfect “slash the board upwind and splash the face of a water starting colleague with great force” manoeuvre.
PB burns everybody off. Or maybe Andy kept up.
Terry holds down his 144lt JP tabletop against all the odds.
Martin H wins catapult of the day award but sails well and clearly has too much adrenaline at the end of the day.
Steve C says he enjoyed a day of sailing on a “pond”. I repeat, Steve “the wave” C says he enjoyed a day of sailing on a “pond”. Okay, I added the wave bit.
Peter “I get into the straps no problem” Amos faces his next “plateau”, the carve gybe.
Jackie sails into the mad zone, survives and returns to shore - where the hell was hubby, Adrian? Oh, right, Adrian, you said, independence training!
Seb survives well on a (6.5m) sail that made him go faster than desired.
Kevin and Kevin tackle a “small sea” with aplomb.
Jeff grins madly after the first fix on a long time.
Moz sails big lake for first time.
If I missed anyone, I apologise, it’s my age.

A fantastic day, then, and all the more great since it’s the middle of summer, for goodness sake - I had rigged my 9m at the start of the day until we saw the whitecaps. Whitecaps, in August!! Yeeeehaaa!

Sunday 25 July 2021 D-Bay-3-Dayer Hadston Scaurs - Gavin Duthie
It was all going so well too...... The rain cleared and the skies suddenly went 100% cloudless, I rigged a 7.5 and flew of towards a big blue yonder over crystal clear waters. I had about 20mins of pure bliss, not quite believing I was going to get a third mega session in a row, when Carragher ventured out on a 5.8 and killed it. We downed rigs (Adrian, Tony L and me) offshore soaked up the rays and reflected on the previous two days of sheer pure brilliance, then sailed back, did some more of the same and then went home. An excellent if some what premature end to a classic D-Bay-3-dayer for me, and all the better for knowing it was July.

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