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T & P do a Carragher - Tim and Phil
There are a lot of sailers here who are moping around - it´s not as big as last year - it´s kite surfing weather - I don´t sail on anything over 5m. For us it´s a classic hadston when it´s working in the middle of winter but warm.
Both yesterday and today we clocked 5hrs/day on the water on 6 - 7.3 and 110l (the Naish Titan - excellent board) and were first on and last off in true Carragher style.
Forecast is for it to pick up tomorrow to the usual non-mickey-mouse weather so a jump fest is in order with Phil hoping to continue trying back loops... and get past his best at 90 deg rotation - watch this space.
This place is not forgiving to those not paying attention - today a guy came back in with a totally wrecked Naish 100L wave, a snapped 75% mast, sail with no battens in tact and the top half missing with 4 ripped panels and a knackered boom. The hire centre don´t offer insurance either....

Saturday 26th June - Amble - Gavin Duthie
Ray and I met at Amble 12.30pm. The conditions appeared good and 5.7's and 5.5's were rigged respectively. Wind was cross on and seemed a good F4/5 with a good rolling swell and manageable shore break. The first few runs were underpowered but perseverance saw the wind pick up. By this time Brian Day and Boydy had joined us. Brian "hollow legs" Day was flying on an old 90l Mistral Shredder (I think) with Ray and I close behind, Boydy was somewhere down wind, not a happy bunny we suspected. After a shaky start we went home with a good 2hr session under our belts, tucked in there also were some brilliant wave riding and jumping a plenty. Prat fall of the day was me trying to get something impressive off in front of a boat load of anglers, only to crash and burn spectacularly, and raised a huge boat borne cheer from some sad blokes who until then had showed no interest in our water based antics.

Rhosneiger Rocks! - John C
Just back from a week on my hols in Anglsey.

Sailed Wednesday over powered on a 4m with NW wind and logo high surf. Lack of ability on starboard tack jumping meant much of my time was spent crashing and burning.

Thursday provided lighter wind from the NW again used 4.5m sail with smaller waves of 2-3 ft but still great fun.

Saturday started with SE wind and relatively flat conditions. However by lunch time the wind had swung to the SW with most sailors using 4m or less. The initialy timid surf had now built to provide a logo high break on the beach. A masive swell was feeding into the bay, the biggest sets would break in the outside of the bay and then reform as it hit the beach. Best sesion for a few years and as good as any I've found abroard. Most lasting memory of the day was gybing on the face of a wave that felt like the size of a house thinking "for f**ks sake do'nt drop this gybe" and rush of dropping back down the face as it broke behind me, a rumbling mass of showering spray.

First 2 days in Refee - Tim and Phil
We write this half cut at 02:10 as we toast a great days sailing. Today was an epic with Phil battling down a 7.3 in 6m (for him) conditions and Tim a 6 as we were wind monkeys and having too much fun 1km upwind at the harbour to come in a change. Massive swell, jumps, carve gybes (by Robertson too).. duck gybes, sail and body 360´s, helitacks etc - but these were on the simulator in the morning before the wind blew.
We´ve had 2 days planing sailing so far and the forecast is for another 5. Tomorrow there is a wave comp at the north bay and given the standard of the practicing so far looks set to be a good show. This is followed by a bbq and outside party so expect more drunk rambling´s tomorrow.
Hasta luego amigo´s

Sunday 27 June An Amble off Amble - Peter Amos
By those few that ventured out (6) Hadston was deemed too mushy so we adjourned to Amble where the water was flat but the wind Directly off shore. We being Paul (8m Heckler to be renamed 7.5 Thunderbird by which he now swears) Gilmore, Reiner, Carl, Terry D, Tony L and me.

Because of the sand dunes and cliffs at Amble the wind was very light on the inside but the further out you got the stronger it became. It was also a day when the wind was up and down and gusty.

Paul got it about right and spent about 3 hours out without coming in as he had 7.5m Thunderbird and F2 320 Phoenix. So when the wind dropped he could use the dagger board to get back inshore where the rest of us had to hack in on short boards, albeit big ones so were a bit concerned about getting too far off shore Sails ranged from 7.0m to 8.2m.

Some good planning runs were had until the wind dropped off after a couple of hours. Tony and I decided we’d take the longboards out and cruise up to Amble, but the wind had other ideas. No sooner than we were out on the water than the wind went up a few notches probably F5 and with 7-7.5m and longboards we had some fearsome runs with the mast track right back and standing right on the tail. I don’t think I’ve ever gone so fast on the longboards before! Very exhilarating.

It was a sunny day and windy enough for some good fun only sorry there were not more of you to share it.

19/20th June Ullswater Weekend - Peter Amos
Saturday was Wet & Windy and Sunday was Sunny & Windless. We Bar-B-Q’d and sheltered under the Gazebo on Saturday night before the usual excursion to the pub followed by nightcaps into the early hours on Sunday morning. The sailing on Saturday was not great as the wind was coming across the lake rather than along the valley, but myself Ray, Gavin and Terry D managed a cruise on longboards well past the sailing club and on return the wind stayed up for us to move to short boards for a while. I had the satisfaction of clattering over the water on a few runs but it needed 9.3m and Formula board to do it. Nikki was hanging off her boom on some good planning runs and now needs to graduate to using the harness and enjoying the pleasure of the catapulted wipe out. Lesley on the other hand was sailing well in the harness and enjoyed a good session.

On Sunday we had a slow start, which was a symptom of the excesses of the previous night. Terry Gill borrowed Gavin’s board and gave a display of light wind sailing and Steve Gray who turned up on Sunday morning went out for the first time this year but in virtually no wind that signalled the end of all hope of a Sunday sailing session.

As I left around 2.00 the hard core were sitting in deck chairs sunning themselves and watching the para-gliders and buzzards climbing on the thermals off the hill behind the campsite.

A fairly typical Ullswater weekend and for anyone who went an enjoyable affair.

Attendees, in no particular order and apologies for anyone left off, Gavin, Maggie and their boys, James and Alex, Nikki, Steve, Lesley, Terry D, Tony L, Terry G, Ray, Ian (with the Toadsmobile luxury mobile home), Lisa & Daniel, Allie, Steve G and me.

Monday 14th June Ladyburn - Martin Haigh
At Ladyburn a F5 was blowing down the lake at 4.30, a quick look at the Boatramp told me I'd be better off on the pond! Raymond was already rigging up but the wind appeared to be falling off, 5.8 went out first with Raymond - 5.5, Tom - 6.5 and James - 6. The wind turned to the dreaded SW and only blew right where the weeds are fast encroaching, this meant war! out with the 8.4, come what may! The wind was up and down giving all some planning runs between wallowing reaches and the odd swim, another guy, whose name I didn't catch, waited patiently with his 8.5 and was rewarded with a constant wind as the rest of us packed away. Not a bad evening sail and not as gusty as for the Pond Club last Sunday, but I wish there had been more N in the wind to avoid the weeds.

Monday 14th June Hadston Boat Ramp - Andy Freeman
I turned up to Boatramp at about 5 to see Dave Roberts and Ginge just packing up. Dave having sailed to exaustion and Ginge having had a rough time on 7.5 when it looked like 5.0 to me.

I managed to persuade Ginge to stay and change down. I rigged 5.4 and wave board and Ginge 6.3 and had an hours good blasting till 6.30 ish.

Happy to see Ginge back on the water after quite a while. It will be a shame when he gets a new posting as Boulmer is due to scale down their operations.

Tom also popped in for a few minutes but was not sailing.

Thursday 10th June Hadston - Andy Freeman
I joined Ray, Gavin and Steve C at about 2pm. They were sailing 7.5 and 135 litres all round (apart form Steve C). From about 3pm Steve and myself enjoyed some fine Hadston corrugations on 6.5 and sinker for me and 5.8 for Steve.

Unfortunalty the wind dropped off as some unlucky souls turned up Steve Simpson and the 2nd visit of Steve B, who had left earlier and turned back when the trees startes to bend. The wind however did play ball and dropped off steadily leaving Obi Wan Boyd standing in the shallows with no chance of getting going. Steve S however, did get a few runs in before I left.

If I have forgotten anyone please dont take offence as I am writing this on monday evening (3 sailing sessions later).

Sunday 13th June Beadnell Unlucky for Some - Peter Amos
That is if you weren’t there.

I arrived at about 11.00 to find Andy Donna & little Ross enjoying the sunshine and a windless beach. Catherine and her mother were with me and later Ray & Kathleen and Tony L and Jenny were to turn up, so quite a lot of family support today and why not? It was after all a glorious sunny day and as was later remarked who wants to go abroad when Beadnell Days like this can be had.

Dave Roberts put in a brief appearance but decided there was not enough wind to merit cashing in the high cost in Brownie points that had to pay if he was to sail, instead he made a deposit by ringing Hazel and arranging a pub lunch.

Terry D, Leslie, Gavin and Ian with his new luxury mobile home came later, as did Carl who’s staying at the caravan at the present and sailing after work most evenings. It certainly showed as he was blasting away.

I went out on the water with virtually no wind just to get the board wet but after about half an hour the wind picked up and continued to fill in nicely.

We all had some great planning runs from one end of the beach to the other and for me, courtesy of some pre-sail coaching from Andy and his shoving my boom up 5 inches I managed to get into the foot straps with much confidence and had some screaming runs in both straps on the Starboard Formula and my 9.3 GTX. Yes it was a big sail day but I think everyone had a good time planning at some stage. For me I really think I have moved off the plateau of not quite getting into the straps.

Only slightly disappointing thing was the numbers that made it out. It was shallow a long way out and with the wind not too strong would have made an excellent day out for those making initial progress into the salty stuff.

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