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Saturday 12th June - Boat Ramp - Tim Robertson
This wasn't an epic so I'll keep it short...
Steve C made the call in the morning but by the time we got our acts together and on the water it was dropping. Steve was wind monkey and was planing nicely (5.8), i arrived and got planing initially but it was off and on (6.6), then Ray arrived and got going on a 7.5 until the wind finally died an hour later. Not the greatest but a nice warm northerly in beautiful sunshine meant it beat DIY.

Fri 11 June - Main course + scraps at D-Bay - Ross Ketteridge
Those that were lucky to be at the boat ramp end of Druridge Bay all afternoon got both. The unlucky late arrivals got more of the latter than the former.

To sum up the day, I rigged three sails and two boards and probably spent more energy running to and from a low tide sea to either rig something different or swap back to the board/rig combo that Iíd been using half an hour previously, than I did actually sailing.

In actual fact, between 1.30pm and 5.30 pm there was some cracking sailing. When we arrived the sea was billiard table flat and swept by a F4/F5 cross off wind in a WSW direction. Tim and Irish bloke (Tim, I seem to have a mental block with his name) were first to the water. It was obviously quite gusty, so Tony L, Gavin and myself procrastinated in the sunshine and eventually plumped for 6.5 sails and floaty boards. These gave great entertainment for a while, with some super long flat high speed reaches and some nice gybing, but then it seemed to diminish in strength a bit. Gavin and I ran back and rigged 7.5s only to find the wind filling in to a F6 and requiring the use of 5.0m sails that nobody had rigged at the time! It turned out to be a ten minute squall and it settled down shortly again to 6m weather. But not, however, before Iíd run back 200m, rigged a 5.5m and carried it the long trip back down to the shore along with my Flow 95! So now I had a full choice of kit, lying around the beach, and so I spent part of the time getting some great sailing in and another chunk of it running back and forth changing up and down with the varying wind. Jimmy noted later that I was suffering from the effects of being able to rig too many sails at once and having too much equipment choice Ė I agree! Anyway, it was whitecaps one minute, lulls the next, and so it went on. The D-Bay corrugations came out to play too, making for some very entertaining, thigh-toning, knee hammering, overpowered reaches out, but they flattened off when the tide turned and started to come back in.

Also sailing was Phil, Martin H, Martin D, Peter, Andy, Jamie, Dave R, Steve S and Ray. The flat water made a great spectacle as everyone took advantage and got some intensive gybing practice in. If it was caution to the wind on the white-capped outside, we had to sail quite carefully on the inside as the low tide was exposing, just below the water level, a thriving kelp bed and a very nasty submerged rope that was tethered at each end and invisible until hit by a high speed fin, which many of us did. I hit it three times, which as you can imagine started to get a bit annoying, particularly as the resulting catapults were violent and threatened to smash your board as well as your pride. Talking of which, Gavin and Phil sustained damage to each of their boards. I havenít checked mine yet Ė I was too tired after carrying and packing away all my gear at the end of the session. As I edit this on Saturday morning I report another small casualty Ė my feet are killing me. I sailed barefoot but also walked a few miles on hard sand/gravel/thistles and I havenít got the toughest of feet. On the same subject Tim retired early with bad cramp in his arms but there were no other injuries, as such, to report.

A fine session, and I think I counted fifteen sailors in the above report!

Sunday 6 June More Pies at Derwent - Peter Amos
Derwent Report oh yee of little faith. Lots of pies for me today, Two pork pies, one for lunch and one for tea, and lots on the water YEEEEEHEEEEE!!!

Blown off the water on 9.3 in F5 changed down to 7.0 but still planning and blasting was had on anything 7.0+ . Still going when I left at 4.30. Terry D flying along.

Worth £15 to me to have a great day's sailing.

Anyone get out at the coast?

PS From Steve Shaw

Planning all afternoon on my Diablo 6.7 & Nikkis Viper. Lots of water, sun and oh yes lots of wind too.

Friday 4th June - Derwent and Pies - Steve Obi Wan Boyd
well ha ha ha me barnesy and martin h had all the pies on friday afternoon at derwent ( who now may do a half day ticket for £7.50 after 2.00pm) i was maxed ona 5.8m and barnesy grossly overpowered on a 6.6, but we both felt we could have been on 5.3/5.4 and been well powered all day. atleast a dozen people out on sails ranging from 4.5 to 6.6 (barnesy) and all well powered and grinning from ear to ear, i wore my summer suit for the first time and found the water temp very pleasant. Now if you will excuse me i have some pies to eat. Now i say to all the boys who wish to sail at the coast on a spring high tide with 6.5 to 7.5m sails on gusty offshore winds i have to say being able to sail on smaller than you really makes me smile and i say my gain your loss, and mr freeman, well what can i say? hee hee hee hee you knew we were going there. IM THE MAN ! IM THE MAN ! hee hee hee hee hee hee pie hee hee hee more pie hee hee.

Fri. 28.5.04 - Coquet Island - Gavin Duthie
All the usual suspects were there, Andy, Paul B, Tim, Ross, Steve C, Ray and a non par-taking Obe (?). Rigs were all in the 6.5ish category apart from (you guessed it) hollow legs " 5.8" Carragher. The wind was a perfect, seldom varying F4 SE, which seemed to have no holes in it whatsoever, and was a joy to sail. Boards that were performing best were mostly 120+L and although this might suggest just a blasting day, the sea state was infect quite lumpy, but clean lumpy with no shore break and some nice rolling swell which lent its self to some bump and jump and limited waveriding fun. Everyone ended with a BIG grin on there faces, happy in the knowledge that facing a windless Bank Holiday weekend, we got our's. Hooray !

Sunday 23 May Coquet Island - Tony Champion
Carragher planes on a gnatís fart again and again and again

Iím glad the wind arrived at Kielder. I thought it had at the coast and Steve inveigled me into a sail at Coquet Island on Sunday where he promptly demonstrated that he could plane consistently on a 6.5; but to my shame I only occasionally got going on a 7.4. Oh, the shame of it! To be fair he did expend as much energy in pumping as I do in any three outings but I suspect the difference was mainly down to technique. Never mind, it was a nice day on the sea and we didnít break anything.

Sunday 23 May Kielder Water NEWS Event - Peter Amos
After uncounted bottles of beer at a neighbourís 40íth birthday party on Saturday night rather to my own surprise I fulfilled my resolution to make an early start and hitched up the trailer at 9.10am. As I drove past Hexham to see the steam rising in a straight line and followed the 25 miles of country lanes to Kielder I noticed no movement in the trees or on the river water so it was with even greater surprise that I saw, not glassy reflections on the water, but water broken up by wind upon Kielder Water as I turned that last corner up the hill.

Andy & Donna, who with little Ross had stayed overnight in their camper, told me that the water had been glassy at 7.00 in the morning and quite spectacular to see even individual trees on the far shore clearly reflected.

The wind having come stayed all day and got much stronger as the day went on. The NEWS races were to run from the far shore to and round an upwind mark and although Martin Haigh and I both rounded the course we failed to time our runs with the start of any of the races.

Also turning up to sail were Tony L, Terry D and Reiner. Ross landed around 1.00pm as we broke for lunch although without kit.

In the afternoon the wind really got up and gave some real excitement to all.

The following is quote from Martinís posting:-

The F5 blew down as far as Kielder which had been gusting F3-4 all day, until I, Terry and Reiner were returning from a sail up to Leaplish. Terry made it comfortably back, Reiner followed him after resting a while on the east shore. I walked my kit out of sight on the west shore waiting for a lull which didn't arrive so it was to be a beam reach across and then one final reach back to the clubhouse. As I approached the far shore at what seemed like ballistic speed, a gust ripped the 8.4 rig from me and in I went, I surfaced to find the rig and board separated but thankfully being blown to shore. By the time I'd recovered both, the rescue boat was on it's way so I accepted their offer of a lift home, their seventh passenger that day!. A good day was had by all those who ventured to Kielder and the PFW were answered.

The only casualties I know of, were two new cracks in my board as a result of the above and Andy's broken fin on Saturday.

Dave D adds

Add to the casualty list a 520 Fibrespar Carbon Race mast which snapped on shore just as I was about to go on the water for the first race on Saturday. Some great racing on Sunday though and well done to Martin and Peter who tried the "windward/leewardĒ course and survived to tell the tale.

and Andyís comment after he broke on Saturday his Formula Board Fin by simply overloading it with power while sailing!!

Another casualty was my epidermis. Lashings of aftersun later and its still a little warm to the touch.

Which confirms the really sunny day we all had at Kielder where for once the wind really was with us.

19th May 2004 Beadnell Bay -Who Ate All The Pies ? - Gavin Duthie

Having suffered all week watching the wind and sunshine whilst at work or otherwise occupied (minding sick kids) I was determined to get a slice of the action today, before it all disappeared for the weekend, and OH YES ! , what a slice we got. Adrian, Carl and myself are the guys that ate ALL THE PIES today. Beadnell was resplendent in all her Summer finery. Although the burger wagon was closed, we feasted on F4-5 butties, sunshine & turquoise sarnies, lovely dollops of maxed out screaming 2mile blasts and a thick slice of 5 hour mental nirvana . Laugh ........ I nearly grinned my head off !

Tuesday 18 May at the boat ramp - Tony Champion
Some six hours after coming off the water having now consumed several glasses of red pain killer from Spain and Chile I seem to be slightly overwrought but not, to quote the repeat episode of ďYes MinisterĒ, I have just watched ĎAs overwrought as a newtí. But a good session deserves a minor celebration and there is nothing like red wine to cure the after effects of water-starterís cramp.

Two Steves, JP Paul, and myself convened at the boat ramp at about 2pm, John ? who Iíve never met before was already out blasting on a 6M and a very disgruntled Gavin who couldnít sail turned up to take a few photos. 5.7m was the order of the day or 6.5m for the fat boys. The wind was a bit gusty on the inside and Paul struggled there on his 95l board so quickly switched up to 135l. Steve C tested out the Bruce Barton special.

The wind was mainly cross shore and on the outside was pretty steady throughout but did occasionally swing round to blow nearly straight off; but there was never any problem about getting back in although once during an offshore wind shift when I beached nearer the Scaurs launch point I did briefly contemplate the walk of shame.

The Bruce Barton turned out to be more pussy cat than unmanageable tiger. Steve thoroughly enjoyed his session on it and pulled off at least one duck gybe. I had one run out and back on it. I reckon it planes as early as my JP, is quick and unfazed by the chop and gybes easily in a wide arc as if itís on rails even in chop. I donít believe it is only 80 odd litres; it felt more like 100 plus and was really a very nice board to sail. They donít make them like that any more.

We came off the water at about 4.30 with big grins on our faces.

Saturday 15 May - Amble - Peter Amos
As one of the four people out on big Sails and Formula Boards I have a biased view of the day - it was GREAT!
However if your sail was not 9.0m+ and if you were not on a Formula board or like John C a Hypersonic then it was unlikely that you got much planning. Certainly Gavin managed as I think did Tony C & Tony L but not sure about Tim and Terry certainly didn't as he arrived as the wind, which was never more than a high F3, was dropping off. Ross, Andy, John C & myself were planning nearly all the time and for me it was one of the most satisfying days on the water for months. First time out on newly acquired Gastra GTX 9.3, excellent sail and really the first time got the Starboard 155 Formula board going. The sun shone and the water was flat although still with the Amble swell further out. Most memorable moment was having planned out and just dropped off the plane to look behind and see Ross and John C drag racing out and go screaming by.
Good to see Donna up and about and understand that Steve C and Fiona with their new arrival made an appearance. Paul and Kelly turned up but I don't think Paul sailed.

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