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Thu 21 Sep - Blyth - Boydy

got out at blyth after work 6-7pm F4-5 more of a bottom end F5 cross on (5.8m and 94 litres) in the middle of the bay with half a dozen kite surfers. nicer conditions than d-bay on wed. just blasting and a bit backside riding with an occasional frontside smack.

tynemouth looked even better(windier) on the way home i will try here one day on a S-SE.

Wed 20 Sep - QEII - Martin H
Ally, Mick did all the scouting late this afternoon and we ended up at QEII sailing from 5:30 and packing away in the dark by van headlights. 6.5m were used with some planing but the wind was up and down (as forcast) tomorrow looks better. The weed patches are quite visable and unless you avoid them or hit them on the plane they're not a problem, will let you know tomorrow but as the wind looks set to turn Easterly, Ladyburn may be better

Thu 07 Sep - DBay - Gavin, Tdog

Nice little port tack, cross on wavy session today at Newton Links. I'm really getting to like this venue, it's good to go in most directions except a SW and an NE, and possibly a S could be tricky depending on state of tide as the reef at Snook Point extends quite far out. However today would have been fine at high tide with a superb break running on the Carr. 6 footers were the order of the day and some runs in coincided with some lovley speedy clean faces. Wind wasn't fantastic,( gappy NW F4) I was on a 6.3', but the waves and sunshine made up for it.   


Gavin and Dave Roberts had a good time but I spent most of my afternoon in the shore break and can vouch for the veracity of the term "Impact Zone". I viewed it briefly from above, at more leisure from the side and frequently from underneath or "inverted" as Tom Cruise would have it. However, eventually I triumphed and got through to the outside just as the wind died, had one good run but had to bear off and ended up with a short walk of shame. Dave had a longer walk but must have been happy to avoid (just) a mauling on the rocks at the South end of the bay. That could have been very nasty.
Question: If you don't get a good hour or so sailing but instead spend it in the surf in a multidude of unusual attitudes and then have one good run and get back alive, should you celebrate with one or two bottles of wine?


Tony - You should have stayed put on the outside, even though the wind had dropped just at the moment of your triumph, just imagine, after emerging from the mauling on rocks, you could have justified, not one, not two but three bottles of wine.

To be fair to Dave, he had a cracking sail aswell, with the long walk of shame only occuring at the end of the day.



Yes. Maybe I should have stayed out but I had lost some ground downwind and another similar trip out and back would have put me in among the rocks which I had surveyed earlier in the week under more benign conditions. Under those circumstances I would have chosen to go back out again and try for Newton and while it might have been a first to sail round the point on a short board the shame of possibly being refused credit in the pub put me off the idea.

Tue 05 Sep - Seaburn - Ross
Nice after-work session at Seaburn for an hour or so. On the water by 5.30pm.

Well powered on 6.2 and 95 in a cross off steady F4/5 breeze and super-flat water.

Really warm later too. 20 degrees when the sun set.

Sun 03 Sept - DBay, Seaburn, Derwent - Gavin, Ross, Boydy

Kicked in at DBay, along with sunshine and blue sky about 4pm. TDog had cut and run by this time, Carragher was entertaining, Freeman was heading for M25 madness and Ketteridge was S.Shields bound last we spoke. Luckily I had Mr Tushingham for company, and a very trusty 5.5 Storm. He makes exceedingly good sails, you know



The forecast wind arrived.

However, it was just after I packed up at Seaburn Beach, Sunderland.

When I arrived at 1.30pm the sea was a whiteout. I had a few runs on a 4.7m sail and then a cloud bank came and killed it and caused the wind to bizarrely turn northerly. I hung around a while and drove home at 4pm. When I got back home I could have cried as I watched the clouds whizzing by overhead



arrived at derwent about midday to see it howling and sailors changing from 5.7m to 4.5m. i opted for 5.3m on the wave board and was stacked for an hour and it eased to comfortably powered.later, i had to get the F2 out as it eased a touch more with big lulls interspersed with big gusts and a few passing squalls. not an easy day as it was gusty, more so than usual for a dead westerly.   not an easy day.

to add insult to injury the forecast for the west caost had said it would blow SW till lunchtime and then ease and swing westerly. it sort of did this but picked up again when it went westerly so a trip would have worked out , contrary to every forecast. doh! 

Fri 01 Sept - DBay and Seaburn - Boydy and Ross
sorry ross have been offline for a while. i did not have my gear with me on friday as i started at 6am and did not wish to load the car at 5am. i might try there one day, its just the thought of being stuck in the tunnel traffic that puts me off, after work sessions i will probably rule out as by the time you get to the beach the wind is going or gone, so the old half day pass gives me the time to make the best of it.

We scored d-bay and i was on a well downhauled 5.3 on my wave board, you said you were on 5.5m (i would usually be on 5.8 or 6.2) if the wind is stronger up the coast on this direction i may take this into account as i prefer stronger wind. what time were you sailing? as the wind was strong here until about 4pm.

I would be interested on trying a westerly out as i know it does funnel down the tyne.

Sorry ross you were wrong about my halo weather success. it is actually
100%, i have never failed to sail on the west with these forecasts, the only time i have was in desperation on a marginal forecasts, and i took a chance and it was very marginal powered sailing. the only failures i have had have been my own.

Just back from South Shields (Seaburn actually).

Nice 5.5m session for a couple of hours. First hour I persevered on a 6.2 but was massively overpowered.

Flat water, a bit on the gusty side at the end, but a satisfying sesh and a great workout!

Sun 05 Nov - Beadnell - Martin H , Steve C

Well the forcast looked good and the thread highjackers were intent on an early start at Newton Links, so after meeting Mike at QEII we were sure it would be a good day at Beadnell. We got there to find flat water as far as the eye could see and with a couple of hours until high tide the stage was set. A stage that is, where the leading role (the wind) failed to make an appearance!
The day was not a total washout, I was given some good advice from the guys on how to rig my new 7.5 TBird and Mike had a first sail at Beadnell. We both had the occasional planing run, Mike way out in the middle of the bay (brave man) and me more closer to shore but best of all, we managed to stay dry by not falling in! (a thing I should practice for next years Super 8 )


Steve C:

Following a lot of deliberation, Boydy and I set upon sailing the holy grail of windsurfing in the NE. Boydy has oft talked about parking at Bamburgh golf course and walking up to Budle to sail there. So that's what we did. Perfect cross shore, 5.8's each. I rigged at the car then had a brief carry to the nearest available beach, about 50m away. Nicely powered up it only took about 20mins to sail up to the mouth of Budle where I was greeted with perfect waist height waves breaking in the estuary. Fantastic sailing was had as the tide pushed in. The best bit was blasting into Budle bay, gybing by the little pier then getting 3 consecutive floaty jumps. Ross sands threw up a few nice waves but by the time I tacked up there the waves disappeared into ankle biters. Steve was a little underpowered but I think still had a decent session. The wind died around high tide, so I wobbled back downwind to the little beach below the lighthouse.
In a Westerly, I will be sailing nowhere other than this spot. Cross shore, waves, steady wind. The Holy Grail. Cheers Boydy. I hope we live forever!

Tue 31 Oct - Blyth - Brian
Well the final day of freedom paid off. We went out at the middle of the bay, Blyth's waves were too wimpy! The 4.5 was blown off the water, whoever he was, Phil had his 4.0 and I was on a 3.7, with my 3.2 getting very excited in the car. A nice couple of hours in entertaining surf and wind. The surf was just over head high with the cross on wind providing the opportunity for plenty big jumps. I did say opportunity!!! recent injuries kept the two of us struggling to keep boards on the water, not with much success at times. The good news is, that the body stood up to the abuse and is raring to go again. The bad news,,,,,I'm back at work and I've just missed two days epic surfing.

Tue 31 Oct - Seaburn - Andy B & Mal
I had 4 hours ripping along flat waterblasting a perfect but little gusty S/W at Seaburn 6m of fun. Joined by Glenn and Alan and sailed in to the twilight. Not one to promote any brand but I had the oppotunity to sail on my new Fanatic Eagle  for the first time. I have gone for the127ltr board  which will take a 8.5 metre sail at 249cm it has all the volume  but on a shorter board compared to my previous Explosion.
What can I say its fantastic even when becomming overpowered on a 6m it was a dream to control in the chop I can't wait to but a bigger sail to see how she handles.
I think it's love and it's just the first date.

Shields turned out to be a good choice on Tuesday. Cross shore winds with head high waves and the odd logo high set making an appearence.

3 of us set out all on dusty waveboards, 2 with ezzy's (4.5 and 4.7) and me with my war torn zone 4.7.  Totally overpowered in the gusty conditions, good runs and big airs had by all (my highest dismount ever at near mast height into waist deep water).  The other guys had some great runs once out the back with big back foot wave rides back into the white water and strong rip current.

An undignified catapult saw me dissapear through the top panel of my 4.7 and a lengthy swim back to the beach battling said rip.  A friendly kite surfer (you heard right!!!) was there to pick up my pieces and drive me back to the car.  A quick rig change to a 4.0 had me back in the water but underpowered in the dying wind to battle through the waves.  The other two guys stayed out for another 30 mins still fully powered and stilling riding.  A good 2hrs sailing and swimming and rigging to remind me why I persevere through the light stuff.

Sun 08 Oct - Budle - Ross

Well, itís been a long time coming.  Iíve waited five years for the opportunity to sail Budle.  There had been spring high tides in the afternoon before now, but they had always fallen on either a weekday or a windless day or both.


Saturday was the B-Day Iíd been waiting for.  A high tide at 3.30 coincided with a westerly wind and a weekend day.  The word got out comprehensively Ė even before the bay was full enough for sailing, the small grassy parking area was overflowing with 17 vehicles.  An hour later there were 25 windsurfers on the water and half a dozen kiters.


To be perfectly honest, whilst I had a great day, the sailing conditions at Budle fell a long way short of the hoped-for windsurfing scenario about which I had long fantasised based on the many glowing reports Iíd heard.   However, Iím not complaining, just saying that I was a tiny bit disappointed, maybe due to unrealistic expectations.


I hit the rapidly filling bay second after wind-monkey Carragher proved that our fins would (probably only just) clear the sandbanks.  It was uncanny how confidently he blasted across the bay at full speed with perhaps only a handful of millimetres ground clearance!


The wind had subsided in the previous half hour making my 5.5m sail about right.  The first half hour or so was just great, as the water was still flat across the whole bay and allowed screaming runs and lovely powered-up sweeping gybes. 


The bay soon filled up not only with sea water but also with NWC sailors.  The numbers sailing were unbelievable, given the October date.  Put it this way, itís easier to say who wasnít there than who was.   It was great to see a few faces from the past, recently absent from sailing, for various reasons, including Jimmy, Paul G and Adrian.  A few of our newer faces were also evident, such as Clarky who was manfully trying to cope in the strong winds with a far-too-big 7.5m sail, but as it was his only sail he can be excused!   It was nice to see the Scottish contingent again too, including Dave and Ian.  Ian was going great on his 6.5, managing duck gybes and 360s despite its excessive size for the conditions.


One of the striking things about sailing in the bay for the first time was the strong currents.  These were especially noticeable around the deeper water areas, and seemed to pull your sail under the water if you let it touch the surface.   They also produced some seriously sharp chop.


The wind stayed all afternoon in varying degrees of strength.  At times I was way overpowered on my 5.5 and at others just planing.  I came off the water after 4pm, completely knackered after a fabulous session.  My dodgy back gave me jip throughout and I could hardly walk the next day, but, boy, was it worth it!     

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