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Sat 12 Aug - D Bay Wave Sailing! - Ross

They came in their droves to witness a sight that has not been seen on these shores for many moons: waves!


Maybe droves is an exaggeration, but I was there as was Nico, Gavin, Andy, John C, Boydy, Ray, Terry McG, Martin McG, Phil, TDog, Matt (from Derwent), Nick and Alistair.


The sea was huge after a few days of northerlies but the Hadston reef allowed great protection from it especially around low tide which coincided with lunchtime.


My own experience today was poor as I was hungover and unfit and very soon realised that today was the sort of day where the conditions required a grab-by-scruff-of-neck attitude, and I was adopting more of a half-hearted approach.  It resulted in a few crashes jumping off monster swell and a couple of severe rinsings in the white water, sapping the last of my strength in the end.


The first hour was best.  A steady 5.5m wind and great rolling swell with a manageable shore break.  After this the shore break jacked up, the rip increased and the wind grew gustier.  Most had a great session and I must say that despite my poor physical state I got some enjoyment out of it.  Casualties included Phil breaking a mast near to shore while lining up his board to beach start, I think.  How he managed to sail his 293 slalom board with 6.8m in the big conditions I don’t know – rather him than me.


TDog came but said that due to his back problem he would not be sailing. Next thing I saw was him launching into the waves but I think it was a short lived session.  I hope your back gets sorted soon, Tony, if you give it a chance, ya daft old bugga!


To show that everything is relative, John C bemoaned the fact that the sea was not as big as he’d been hoping for after all the north winds of late, and was sailing with the poise that I can only achieve on flat water.  Except that he was mixing in some great wave riding and big jumps.  Definitely the winner of best sailing style.

Sun 06 Aug - D Bay - Ross

The temperature was an incredible 27 degrees, as I pulled up at DBay at midday.


The sun was shining and the SW wind that had been blowing all morning was still there although a bit gusty, given that it was high tide.  The sun shone and the sea glowed like a jewel.


Big sails were rigged and an hour of summer blasting fun was had by a smallish turnout that included Steve C, Gavin, Ally, Martin H, Dave (from Morpeth, not sure of surname) and memorably Toad, who it was good to see on the water.  I haven’t sailed with Toad in ages!


All sailors were planing (Martin H on a six-point something!) although those that ventured farther out got the best of the wind, where it was much cleaner, and stronger.


Lots of lobster pot marker buoys needed to be negotiated although as far as I’m aware there was only one catapult due to the lines attached to them.  Bad luck, Dave.


I was mostly just powered up on the 7.5 but after an hour the wind dwindled, to be followed soon after by rain for the rest of the day.


Steve, I wish I’d made an earlier start but it was good that so many of us caught the last hour at least.  In summary, a refreshing summer blast in the warmest conditions that I have ever sailed in, in the UK.

Wed 02 Aug - Ladyburn - Martin H
Mike Stewart rang me at work to say it was gusting to 30mph at Ladyburn, that was it, my evenings DIY would have to wait (again) I arrived shortly after 5 to find Mike on the water with a 5m and another guy rigging 7m?, his only sail but a 6m being brought by his wife. I borrowed Mike's already rigged 5.5m but found this way overpowered in the gusts so I changed down to my 4.5 and found it a struggle to get going but much more managable in the gusts. In all there were four of us on the lake with sails from 4.5 to 6m, sometimes overpowered but some comfortable planing was had on a remarkably weed free lake. We lasted untill 7:30 when our arms gave up and Mike was happy with a reading of 29mph on his gps.

Mon 31 Jul - Allonby - Boydy

well, after checking the forecast the east coast looked very poor, heavy showers and F4 max forecast. Allonby was slightly better, heavy showers and a solid F5 all day.hmmmmm........ well allonby won. i arrived expecting to find heavy showers and a F5. well can u believe it, after travelling all that way i was very disapointed indeed as it was not heavy showers and a F5.

What we got was a F6 (just 25 knots!) and sunshine. it is really disapointing when the forecasts get it wrong, but hey i could live with that today! could you?

we had one heavy shower which killed the wind but it returned with clear skies over the solway firth. the sea state got quite lumpy as it reached towards high tide and my jp wave board and 4.7m was more than adequate. the swell was comiing thru in some nice sets with some ramping up on the shallow sands of the bay, with some reaching well over my head height. perfect for a bit airtime, some backside and a bit of frontside riding all thrown into the pot.

some photographers turned up to take some shots of us from the rocks and we all became media whores and give it our best on the inside so they could get some good shots. all in all another cracking allonby day, F6 SSW-SW, sunshine, summer suit, 20 degrees air temperature, etc but i wont go on as i might annoy some poeple!   c u soon!

Sun 30 Jul - D Bay - Gavin
Had a good sesh, classic DBay big kit blasting day (oxymoron)

Lovely lovely turquoise water, sunshine and hot temps (27C). A few holes in what was a top end F4 at times, but beggars .. etc.

Where was the club though ? no wind for weeks and ???

Beadnell - 11th July 2006 - TDog
1pm Beadnell and the work shy and elderly were gathering. Force 5 forecast but Force 4 the actuality, big rigs and big boards appeared necessary but in fact that wasn’t the case. The line up was: Dave with summer shorty, Xantos and 7.5, Dave Roberts with elderly Screamer and 6.5 V8, Dennis and Meike with 6.5s(? Dennis on something bigger) and big boards (to start with), Gavin on Max Air (100 odd L) and 6.5, Andy on Thommen and 7.2 and Tdog on 105L Enduro and 6.7 Race sail. The reef was well covered with crystal clear water glinting blue in the sunshine and the bay was full of puffins diving down as the speeding boards clattered down on them. There was quite a bit of Southerly in the wind so the natural reach was out towards Newton Point, the speed track was inoperative and any alternative on the Newton side was in wind shadow. For anyone used to sailing Beadnell in a Westerly this was slightly worrying because looking back to the harbour from the far side appeared to be an impossible upwind hack but in fact was only a problem to Andy. The phantom puffin plucker of Bamburgh had, in the interests of conserving the local sea birds, deployed a tiny 32cm toothpick on the Thommen and as a result had a relatively poor day with poor upwind capability in the frequent lulls in the wind. Dave was flying on his 7.5, Dennis and Meike changed down to 116L and 80 L respectively and had their best day this year (or so I believe and I saw nothing to suggest the contrary). They were both flying whenever I saw them. Dave Roberts, reverting to the old Screamer, seemed to be of the opinion that it was a better board than his new one but slower on the plane. It was certainly quick. Gavin clearly enjoyed the day and got some excellent pictures but I didn’t see much of him on the water. As for myself, I had forgotten the low end grunt generated by a race sail and the exceptional upwind capability. Except near the beach I planed 90% of the time and had a really good day, even managing to crack the cams round coming out of the gybe. I must acquire a triple cam 6m but first I must solve the downhaul problem. How do mortal men really downhaul race sails to the max ? I could only just achieve a light wind setting using my home made winder before the quarter inch steel handle bent like a paper clip. Dave R had a similar problem with his V8. Clearly a better technological solution must be invoked.
So, to sum up: 3+ hours sailing in pleasant big sail conditions. Not a classic but a truly enjoyable sail.

DBay Au Naturel - 8th July 2006 - Gavin
It was DBay does Bay Watch today, Bill Oddie would have been billing and cooing all over a TV “watch” special with birds and nature everywhere on the bay, but unfortunately not a skimpy red swimsuit in sight, unless you count Ray’s Speedo’s, but lets not go there.

We both hauled out some vintage “big kit” with identical Tbird 7.5’s and Powerglides to make the most of the F3/4 SW which greeted us. The sea was flat to start, the water totally clear and with a high tide we didn’t have far to walk. What followed was a fantastic WELL powered up 2hour session blasting all over the turquoise waters, enjoying the close-up company of puffins, terns and gannets and bricking it as the reef and crabs flashed by beneath us in the clear and dropping waters. The wind had now picked up to a top end F4 and was more than enough to change down to 100litre boards which was much more comfortable on the wind blown ramplets. A really nice little soul session and much needed work out in God’s Gym Au Naturel.

After Ray had packed and rushed off to A&E (another story) I sat and watched up close a family of Stoats playing by their nest in a pile of fence posts by the boat yard. ... perfect.

Boulmer - 9th July 2006 - Martin H
After the flukey wind at Ladyburn on Saturday and the fast encroaching weeds I was determined to get out on the salty stuff the following day. I met Mike Stewart at Newbiggin only to find a huge swell and a maze of lobster pot flags, the Ladyburn regulars were having the same difficulties as yesterday so that was a non starter, D-Bay looked to be working for those comfortable with the chop but despite reasurances from Andy I wasn't convinced I'd enjoy the workout. Boulmer was next on the way up the coast to a possible Beadnell (on the calendar for Sunday), the incoming tide was breaking on the reef to the North leaving a flat bay and hardly any shorebreak, we rigged 6.5 and 7 only to find the wind had dropped With the luxury of not having brownie points to acrue we stayed in the sunshine convincing ourselves the wind would return, and it did The wind turned from cross to cross off but the reef to the North gave us the safety we needed, not on the plane all the time but we had some long runs the full length of the bay (even venturing out over the reef to the South on accoasion) with some harness practice for Mike. We left at 5 o'clock with aching arms as the wind steadied and the sun still shone both of us vowing to come back to Boulmer more often.

Alonby - 9th July 2006 - Steve Boyd

Well forecasts for sunday had looked excellent every where from thursday last week but by saturday were getting worse. on sunday morning it was windy in wallsend but nothing at the coast, and dropped at 9.00am.only a marginal F4 forecast on halo and then veering W and increasing on the east but F5 SW on the west most of the day.

Decided on the west as the best option and left 22degrees and sunshine here to fine overcast 15 and showers on the west. showers killed the wind for a bit but it cleared at midday and the mcGills who were already rigged were planing on 5.3m. john c rigged 5.7m and i sailed on 5.3m(yes smaller sail than johnc, my 5.8m has died again) wind was F4-5 but with the outgoing tide against wind we were had enough power to sail. wind died at about 2.30pm just as the clouds cleared and the sun came out. it had been for 4.7m weather from 8pm till about 10pm and on saturday it was F6 southerly from 3pm onwards, increasing later, so two days sailing could have been possible. the benefits of halo weather!

Sunday 9 July 2021 Hadston - No Wind??? - Peter Amos
Strange day where with much expectation 10 disappointed windsurfers ventured out at Hadston. Although on the beach it seemed quite windy (sand lifting on occassions) there just was not enough wind on the water to make it a worthwhile exercise.
Sunny enough, sea warm enough even a reasonable swell but much disappointment all round.
It really has been a shockingly bad year so far.
(photos in Gallery)

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