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DBay Miracle - 3 June 06 - Tony Champion
Miracles sometimes happen. Steve and I found a gentle NW breeze at Hadston so, despite knowing that with Steve’s assistance I had conned myself again, we both rigged up; Steve on 8.5 and Formula board and me on 7.4 and 125l Bee. 15 minutes later and Steve was flying in and out continually on the plane, I was cursing him as I had wobbled down wind in my efforts to get planing and was struggling forlornly in a maze of rocks, kelp and pot lines. But 5 minutes later after some rig tuning (almost certainly irrelevant) and a slight increase in wind I too was flying and we had a couple of hours gentle fun in the sunshine. Steve said he was overpowered but after deploying the GPS neither of us could get above 26mph although it felt quite quick in the chop. Kelp was a slight problem but you could see it and adapt your stance to blast through or I could; but I think Steve with his monster fin went over the handlebars once or twice. The fog horn on Coquet Island was moaning away all afternoon and a big bank of fret threatened to engulf us every now and then but the sun never sets on the righteous and we had continuous hot sunshine all afternoon. We both agreed that sailing on big kit can be enjoyable but 100l boards would have been possible and better but they were left in the garage. Ah well. You can’t have everything.

Thu 22 June: South Shileds Mini Classic - Ross
Why Mini?
Just an hour and a half, after work.

Why Classic?
An hour and a half of blissful sailing.
18 minute drive.
Turquoise water.
White sand.
STEADY WESTERLY F5 cross-off wind.
Yes, a steady westerly wind!!!!
Good company.
Parking 2 metres from sand!

Well, what a two day period of discovery! In less than twenty minutes I was there, at the main South Shields beach, one day after my introduction to Seaburn.
It was like a mediterranean beach, amazing sight! The local boys were out on 4.5m sails but the wind had steadied to F5 so I rigged a 5.5m and plugged in my 95. The beach faces ENE, so the westerly wind, that had a touch of north in it, was cross off and we reached towards the south side of the south pier. Screaming flat water reaches of three quarters of a mile. The wind was amazingly ungusty due to the very low lying land and the fact that it funnels down the Tyne and over the low pier into the bay we sailed in. The wind was strong and steady right from the shore. To think I drive 55 miles to Beadnell in westerly and get big gusty winds - I may have found my westerly sailing beach, just 12 miles from home!

So it was classic burn and turn with some small jumps off the small chop, for over an hour, in which time I managed to drop only two gybes - unprecedented!

I also met more of the South Shields crew and want to say a big thanks to Dave who gave me a pound for parking. By the way the car park, next to the Sandancer pub, costs £1.50 for a whole day. Add £1 tunnel and work it out.

Martin (McGill jnr) was there too (straight from working in Sunderland) and commented on how friendly all the guys there are. Don't worry, I'm not deserting Northumbrian windsurfing, but for after work sailing and a great westerly wind option, I've discovered a great spot.


Midsummer Classic -DBay 21st June - Gavin
Never mind Stonehenge and the fecking (that's feckless) Druids, this was the main event of the summer solstice.

14 thats FOURTEEN out at DBay for a CLASSIC June mid-weeker. NWC self employed, retired gents, I am the boss'ers, flexi timers, day off'ers and shift workers rule. .... 9 to 5'ers, re-assess your careers, do not work less, BUT more intelligently. ... or get another job ... sorry !

Andy F said .... "Epic. Even the "front row forwards" were on 4.7 and wave boards.

Three days in a row. Can't remember the last ime I had sore hands "

Andy ... you BGB(or is that left hooker), and I always thought I was a right winger, ... AND TDog had a 4.7 up too.

Special mention for Toad who endured a pounding on kit from last century, and still came up the beach smiling. Roll call for the day was; Martin H, "vehicle technician" guy (sorry forgot his name), Toad, Dave R, Steve C, Tdog, Andy F, Boydy, Bob, Terry Mac, Terry Mac Jnr, Alistair, Ray and me.

Sails ranged from 5.5 at the start through to 4 something at the end with Steve C threatning to use his 3.5 for the first time ever. Boards were all over the place but speaking for myself, it was the best sail I've had on my 80l waveboard this year. The ramps at first were perfectly coming at you for some long floaty jumping, but got more choppy later with a falling tide and increased wind.

Epic in 2005 terms is probably and overstatement, but in starvation 2006 terms, true. The only thing missing was you Ross, then it truly would have been an epic

S.Shields - 21st June 2006 - Ross
Well, what an excellent little after-work session at a great location!

After just a 20-minute drive form work, I got to Seaburn at 4.30pm to be greeted by whitecaps to the horizon in a cross off wind.

The free parking spot, on the main road, is 10 metres from the sand. Between this is a grassy bank that offers a great clean rigging area. The sea was a short walk away and withthe tide going our you could see the only rocks in the bay, at the north end, reminiscent of the reef at the north end of D-Bay.

An hour's blast ensued, on a 4.7m sail and 95lt board. It was gusty but very enjoyable. Flat on the inside with Hadstonesque sharp chop on the outside, we reached towards the pier and had a collection of big yellow buoys to gybe round. No other hazards were to be seen, neither rocks nor lines nor lobster pots.

Sailing with me was Paul, one of the friendly South Shields bunch, and Mel from Durham. I also said hello to Russ and Glen althogh neither were sailing this evening. Glen says hello, and was asking after you, Boydy.

After today I realised another reason why I bought the van and keep itloaded with kit. It mst be the first after-work session for over a year. From Felling this (and South Shields) is my local beach and thr guys here will be seeing a lot more of me.

The great thing is that today was just a taste of what is to come. The guys here said that the gusty wind here is not normal for a SW, but I think it was more WSW so thatmay have explained it. I certainly look forward to more from my new local beach.

DBay - 20th June 2006 - Steve C
Good session had by all I think. Andy and Tony first on the water with big kit 7.2 and 6.7 and 100oddlitre boards. I arrived, rigged 5.8/78l which was clearly too much. We all downsized then, including bob who had arrived, I rigged a 4.7m which at times was perfect and at others too much. Good bump and jump, some nice ramps for airtime. It picked up further, to the point where Tony was way overpowered so without smaller kit he retired to a bottle of red and the footy! Boydy hit the water when the rest of us were heading for a pint, it looked like it was howling when I drove back down the beach road.

DBay 19th June 2006 - Gavin
Sunny, 22C, WSW F4 with a marginal F5 for about an hour for Steve C and myself, and saw 6 turn out. No classic but an overdue run out, and a nice taster for the main event yet to come.

Sun 28 May – Beadnell Classic - Ross

Three hours of glorious blasting on a 4.7m sail for me, and a whale of a time was had by others including Gavin, Andy, TDog, Paul G, Ray, Nick, Steve C, Peter and others.


I thought I’d rigged too small as I launched into super-flat water and quite a low tide but as the tide came in the wind increased so that I was well powered for the last hour or so.  Fantastic.  Some great new high speeds were recorded.  Gavin clinched second fastest from me but Steve couldn’t quite match my 31.8.


A great session albeit flat.  

Longsands - 29th May 2006 - Matt B

I've never sailed at Tynemouth before but have always been curious about what it would be like.  The wind was a solid F4/5 northerly and from up by the surf shop the sea looked very impressive, with massive waves rolling in and the sun shining down.  Only having a 5.5m sail at the moment I wasn't sure if it was going to be too windy for me, but that turned out not to be the case and 5.5 was just about right.  We parked on the ramp at the northern end of the beach (me and Alex) and were quickly onto the water.  At first getting out through the shore break wasn't a problem as the tide was just on its way in and the swell hadn't reached its maximum.  Once out through the break the sailing was great and I was just powered up enough to get some jumps in off the ramps.  The riding wasn't too great because the wind was a bit onshore but the swell was so massive you didn't even need breaking waves!  As the afternoon progressed the waves became bigger and the shorebreak a serious problem, especially at high tide.  It became a bit hit or miss getting through the white water, sometimes you could get out no problem and other times you would get completely munched and dragged down the length of the beach!

I would definitely sail at Longsands again as it's a fine beach for wave jumping in a northerly wind and very convenient to get to.  It would be best when the wind is N or NE and the tide is not too high.  All in all another good day's sailing.

River Tyne - 27th May 2006 - Matt B
I didn't think it was going to be my day after arriving at D-Bay just as everyone else was leaving the water and having apparently missed a really good session, then arriving back in Newcastle just as the wind was picking up again.  However, Alex persuaded me to join him for an evening's sail at the mouth of the Tyne, and what at first didn't look very appealing turned out to be a lot of fun.  We rigged up (5.3/5.5) on the grass and climbed down the steep bank, across the treacherously slippy rocks, and finally into the river.  This was at about 7pm and we had solid, clean wind blowing straight down the river for a good couple of hours.  As expected the water quality wasn't great and there was also a bit of a rip which had to be battled against to keep position, but neither proved much of a problem.  We had a great time blasting, gybing, vulcaning (or attempting) and even flat water forwarding in Alex's case!  So in conclusion the Tyne river does offer a potentially good sail in a westerly and if access was easier I would probably be tempted to sail there more often.

DBay - 29th May 2006 - Steve C
Good sesh at a new spot on D-Bay. Question is, what shall we call this spot? Kite beach I reckon as it is where the kiters congregate. Anyway, I really enjoyed this short session, 4.7/78l bump and jump, some great floaty jumps. Thanks Ray for hanging around for a while. By the way, Ray recorded about 29mph in the sharp Hadston chop.

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