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Sat 27 May - D Bay - Ross

It was a short window of strong wind, from 12 midday to about 1.00pm.

As we launched, the sun shone, the sea was blue and the wind blew a full F5.  Andy was overpowered on 5.7, that's how windy it was.  Myself, Gavin and T-Dog hung on to 5.5 and Ray 5.8m.  It was the usual script: screaming reaches through teeth-shaking chop on the way out, followed by smooth blasts back to the beach and some lovely long powered gybes on the flat water on the inside. 

As the tide came in, the wind turned more westerly, lost some strength and got gustier.  Then it was game over when a cloud front switched off the sun and brought rain with it.  It lifted at about 4pm and the white caps returned, but by then we'd packed up ready to go.

A very nice session albeit rudely curtailed just as I was getting into it. 

By the way, Nico arrived for the last few minutes but as always was smiling as he packed up.  Steve C pulled up just after it had all disappeared and left looking justifiably peeved.

Beadnell - 24th May 2006 - Gavin
Looks like we had three locations sailed today, Derwent, Beadnell and S.Shields.
Tdog, Dave Roberts and I had some "full on" Beadnell blasting. Wind was WSW F4-F6 and sails were 5.5's on 80 - 115L. The sun shone and the tide was high, the only thing missing was Blondie and some broken records (speed that is)

Saturday 20 May Newbiggin Bay - Peter Amos
This saw our first collaboration with Newbiggin Sailing Club.

From 1.00pm Safety cover was provided by Newbiggin SC boats within the Bay at Newbiggin. The intention was to encourage those lake/intermittent sea sailors to get out on the salty stuff without fear of being washed out to sea!

For the more experienced sailors it was an opportuniy to try a new venue that might not be a first choice but also to offer some help and encouragement to those newcomers to the sport.

Sailing was from the beach adjacent to the car park at the North end of the bay.

The wind direction on Saturday was not ideal and it was rather chilly for May. The shallow water quite a way out will have attractions for the novices and in the future getting out of the Bay with cleaner winds should be acceptable for the more experienced.

Out on the water went myself, Mick, Tim and Martin H. Showing moral support, and keepimg warm were Toad, Gavin, Ray, Nico and Tony C.

The safety cover provided was very enthusiatic!

The next scheduled date at Newbiggin is 17 June. Unfortunately we can never dictate what the wind is going to be like so will just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope that with the warmer weather we can get a few more out.

Blyth - 22 May 2021 - John "old man" Critchley
Top sesion at Blyth South beach today. Wind was more NE than originaly foreast making Tynemouth too onshore.I arrived at the beach to find local Phil out on a 5.5m he quickly changed down to 5m. The pier provided some protection from the swell and cleaned it up at the the top end of the beach as it wraped around the pier.

I chose 4.5m and 70l wave board which worked well. Wind increased in the afternon as french nutter Alex arived. He tried very hard to wreck his 4m sail and following various impressive front and back loop attempts finaly ripped it in the rinse cycle. Some nice frontside riding was had on 4ft waves and jump fest on the way out. The swell built in the afternoon providing some big rolling faces out back to gybe off and thunder down at high speed on the way in.

I gave in to aching limbs and sore hands after 4hrs. Alex was itching for more and gutted that his sail broke. Now he is off to Tynemouth for another sesion as I type this with the one hand that still functions!! These young'uns don't know there born. When I was a lad we sailed proper boards with rails so sharp you could slice cheese with them. And none of these new fangled ariel rotatinal moves, gybing a DSB was challenge enough. And poncy floppy loose leach sails, no, no such luxuries HARD rotationals were the order of the day requiring a black belt in Karate to rotate. Ramble, grumble, ramble, off to look for pipe and slippers now.

Friday Flyer 6 - 19 May 2021 - Gavin

Not quite the classic that this fine NWC tradition demands, but it did what it said on the tin, only thing missing was the sun at DBay today.

Tdog, Andy F and myself  landed about 2.30pm. Sails were 6.3m - 7.1m and the wind was a fairly steady top end F4 marginal F5 with a few holes in it at times. The water was fairly flat, compared with Thursday's  lumpy session, but the remnants of the easterly swell were still there for entertainment. Consequently lots of long maxed out ocean grooving with a few airy moments thrown in was  the order of the day. As Andy said it was one of those sessions where you looked at the chimineys at Alcan and thought, yeah easily do that 7miles blast in no time at all.

Thumpin' Thursday - May 18th 06 - Gavin, Brian, TDog etc.
Posted: 18 May 2006 at 4:47pm | IP Logged QuoteÊGavin Duthie


BRILLIANT       can I have a T shirt please. Hopefully this is the start of "normal service" being resumed. Now why does my face hurt so much, oh yeah       ~ GAVIN

OK, so it's your face that hurts, the wind picked up after you left, a ramp popped up,,,,and,,,,,,I couldn't resist it,,,,,,and,,,,,,I knacked my ankle,,,,,yep same leg,,,,can't walk now it's like a pudding,,,,,,,Is this what getting old does????

What's worse I put my elbow through my new Ezzy Wave,,,,,It's only 18 years old!!!! Does anyone know where I can get it mended?

It could have been such a good day!

I think everyone else had fun ~ BRIAN

Challenging was the tired board-room speak that Gavin used on the beach. Tough is the word I prefer but with the choice of struggling in the lulls on 80l or going orbital in the gusts on 105l I chose 80l and had to retire exhausted to my settee on getting home. However three glasses of Chablis and a further three of shiraz from Jakes's Creek (Is that the right creek I ask myself?) has cured the exhaustion and the pain in my left knee,left thumb, right wrist and various other problems I now can't remember. There can therefore be no doubt that I have taken the right medicine and I can heartily recommend it to you Brian, although it won't do much for your sail. ~ TDOG


Boulmer Haven - 8 May 2021 - Gavin

We arrived at Boulmer at 11.00am and kicked sand about for a while, the forecast wind had not arrived ! Tdog was the first to cave in, then me,then Andy and Boydy.

Andy went 2 miles up the road home, Tdog similar and I went up to Craster to do some work. Boydy who was on nights went home to bed.

About 2.00pm the wind finally kicked in and we all hastily reconvened at Boulmer Haven for a nice 2hr blast in a cross on ENE F5.

me - 100l 5.5m

Andy - new board 104l (?) 6.2m

Tdog - 5.5

Lakes sailor (sorry forgot your name) - 90l 6.2m

Easter Monday - Beadnell - Tony Champion

Beadnell on Monday was not a lot of fun – very physical. Mieke, Dennis, Nico, Jon, Steve C and myself were the sufferers ‘though Carl turned up later and there were a couple of strangers as well. Sail sizes were 4.7 to 5m but at times anything would have done. I had one particular trip to the South side when I sank and then catapulted out of the water start only to repeat the performance two or three times more before getting a comfortable if slightly underpowered blast across the Nanny. I foolishly slacked the sail off on the South side and set off on the return trip to discover that what I really needed by then was a flat rigged 3.5; I adopted the defecating gorilla stance and very quickly gained the shelter of the big dune, somewhat shaken but definitely not stirred. I can’t say I really enjoyed my day, I just wasn’t well or fit enough to generate the effort required to tame the conditions. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t alone – even Carragher said the conditions were absolutely nackering. I cannot even comment sensibly on the small Enduro other than to say that it’s pretty uncomfortable in a lull but becomes progressively smoother and more stable as the speed increases. I didn’t try a GPS but it seemed very quick without any high speed vices.

I think the sad fact about Beadnell is that it is great for 5.5 and larger freeride on 100l + boards but when the wind really blows the turbulence from the dunes extends further out than it is sensible to venture. Monday was such a day.

Easter Weekend Inshore sailing - Dave Dobson

Only available for a couple of hours Friday so headed to Druridge Country Park with Terry D only to realise all the keys to the trailer locks were still at home in Durham. With wetsuit fortunately in the car, borrowed some of TDs kit, a harness from local sailor Steve and a fin bolt from Martin and had a couple of hours if somewhat underpowered.  Thanks to all who got me on the water!

Sunday at Derwent much better - I remembered my keys for a start. TD and Tony L also made the trip but Steve B decided to head up the coast in search of better wind - (wrong decision Steve).  The wind built steadily during the afternoon to a good F5 by close of play, so after a couple of hours blasting on a 7.5m / 145 litre setup, decided to change down both in board and sail size.  Rigged a 6.5m with the 121 Carve only to find a couple of the locals coming off the water to change down to 5.5s, however went out and decided half way across the water that I was seriously overpowered.  So with a few aches beginning to make themselves felt, called it a day.  Terry D had a good afternoon and Tony a "challenging" one, but did at least get himself a good 6.6m sail to replace his ageing  Pryde. Good to get in the first sail of 2006 after a thoroughly dormant winter.   

Addendum Steve Boyd - Easter Monday

I ventured back to Derwent on monday and was greeted by people blasting about on 4.5m. cross shore launching. i rigged 5.3m on the F2 and was comfortably stacked (a bit over at times for a good two hours and the tide was in all day) and was stringing a half a dozen runs together with excellent gybing in flattishwater on both sides of the lake with good wind.

Sun 16 April - Beadnell Speedsters Part 2 - Ross Ketteridge

Quick report this time.

12 degrees, sunshine, F5/6 westerly, flat water but more chop than Friday.

I managed to break my last Friday's record with a 31.8mph run.  Andy did 35, Alistair 28.2. The wind at the far end was F6 and the water was flat, so it was a good day for fast runs.

Boydy launched in the one hour lull after a two hours of solid wind and then, as we packed up, the wind filled in and the whole bay was bathed in whitecaps.  Sods law.  Bad luck for Boydy but lucky for those that had had their fix a little earlier.

Barnesy was there (first sail in a year!) as was Paul G, Boydy, John C, Alistair, Andy, Nick, Ray and a few others. 

Great day.  Excellent weekend.

Addendum 1 (John C):

As a footnote to Ross's report. The prise for marathon walk of shame goes to Paul Gilmore, who landed on the rocks at the Newton links end of the bay after heading down wind and being overpowered. He staggered over the dunes after everyone had gone, bar me and local chap who were packing up. How he could still stand let alone walk is beyond me, after dagging his kit the best part of 2 miles and swimming the estuary. Most of us would have taken paddy, thrown rocks at the board and torched the rig, but Paul managed to laugh about it putting it down to the 'just one more run syndrome'!

Also noted three kite surfers out at Budle as I drove past.

Addendum 2 (Andy):

I thought i was going to have an embarrasing episode on my last run. A bit tired and the wind getting up I had "one last run" bearing away from the Nanny. Turned round to head back and was totally unable to manage the power in the sail. I might have managed were I not just by the rocks in Newton allowing enough of a fetch to allow John C to get a bit of air from the chop. Made like a gorilla till I was in the lee of the big dune where normal service was resumed. Managed a 32 Knot 500m on the way in to the harbour

Addendum 3 Paul Gilmore

Before last run ,feeling tired,arms like a gorilla.Unwisely decided one more run.Blasted to south end of bay,wind around a force 6.Tried four times to sail back but could not keep a hold of the boom.Decided to walk back as wind total offshore out of bay.I learned a valuable lesson ,pack in when tired ,not when EXHAUSTED

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