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Sunday 9 June  Hadston (PA)
It is 8.20pm as I write this and there are blue skies outside and white clouds scudding across the sky, it was not like this at Hadston between 1.00 and 3.30 today. I arrived in rain to find a good number of members in various stages of rigged up readiness but all sheltering from the rain. Apparently there had been a good F4 onshore when they arrived but with the rain came a complete lull, F000000!?1

We waited and the wind did pick up F2 at best but the rain kept coming down. A real shame because there was quite a turn out. Ross, Paul Gilmore, Martin, Gavin, Tony Champion, Ray and 1 or 2 more. No-one got to sail and we left as we arrived, in the rain.

Rather worryingly this is the second occasion in as many weeks that I have set out on a fruitless journey, both times young Richard with a shake of his head declared that he would not bother as there was not enough wind. I should pay more attention to those younger and wiser than me.

Supplemental report from Ross

Seven steps, not to heaven, but to one of the most frustrating ways to spend your Sunday afternoon:

1. Get to Hadston at midday to find a perfect top-end F4 cross-on.

2. Like a sad fool, get really excited and allow adrenaline to build.

3. Debag board, fit fin and mast base.  Rig up a 7.1, believing 7.8 will be overpowered.

4. Climb into smelly wetsuit, harness and boots.

5. Wait 2 minutes.

6. Watch the wind die COMPLETELY.

7. Stand with mates for over 2 hours, in the pissing down rain, until 2.45pm, whilst dying for a wee.

Did we have a jolly good time?  No.  Did we resent our addiction today? Yes.  Might we do the same next weekend?  Don't ask silly questions.

Tuesday 04 June (Jubilee Holiday): Unforecast Onshore F4, Hadston (RK)

The isobars were nowhere near one another on the chart. Most forecasts were being doubtful of more than F2 or 3, as far as I could see. The Windmap website showed 0mph, 5mph and 8mph throughout the morning.  Damn, no wind all weekend.  Feeling the depression rising, after a fruitless sailing trip to Ullswater earlier in the weekend (see separate report) I decided to do something that was at least related to my obsession, so I went into town to buy myself the binoculars I've been promising myself for ages.  On the way back home, Steve C rang me on my mobile and assured me that there was good wind at the coast and get my arse down there quick if I wanted any of it.  After being convinced by him that it was not a cruel joke, I met him at Hadston soon after, at about midday.  It was almost dead-on, F4, probably ESE, intermittent bright sunshine, 14 degrees.  Gavin and Paul arrived very soon after (and Toad after this - it's official, he's back in the North Sea!!!) and we blasted for a solid one and a half hours on 7.5 to 8 metres each.  The tide was still fairly high (but going out) which allowed the unusual novelty of some really long reaches in line with the beach including wave sailing of sorts in the fairly big shore break.  Not knowing how far the rocks were below my 46cm fin at full speed was part of the experience that I'd rather not repeat, however; what a peculiar feeling that gives you, doesn't it?  Further out there was a fair bit of swell, which subsided slightly, making for some interesting reaches.  It was Tony C's turn to arrive just as the wind was dropping, along with Steve S who didn't even get his board wet such was the decrease in wind.  The real pisser was that, very unusually for that time of the day, the wind picked up, in the same direction, to maybe F5, at about 4.30 to 5.00.  Unfortunately this coincided with the packing into our cars of our last bits of gear. 
01/02 June (Jubilee Holiday): Ullswater Weekend (RA)
In the abscence of a report from Ross I guess you're going to have to suffer my drivel. The weekend started of with uncertainty as Ross arrived first to find the campsite full. Fortunately he was able to sweet-talk the lady owner into allowing us to camp in the top field (an arrangement which turned out to be a lot more pleasant than expected due to it being separate from the Bank Holiday "Rabble" below) - we're still not sure as to how exactly Ross managed to secure us the spot - he claims it was his puppy-dog-eyes and sob story but needless to say there were plenty of other suggestions from club members about Ross' persuasive tactics! Saturday was a fine sunny day and the morning was spent pitching tents followed by an afternoon sail in light winds. Longboarders enjoyed the cruising in these conditions whilst the Techno Gang generally floated around doing the odd freestlye trick. In the evening a barbecue meal was had sitting outside "Tyler Hall" beneath the flag-flying Gazebo (?!) as Mike contemplated the addition of a gravel driveway and wrought iron gates. After dinner the group walked the lakeside route to an almost empty pub passing a number of huge palet-fuelled bonfires. Sunday was miserable with showers all day, although the accompanying winds did cause the flags outside Mike's mansion of a tent to fly for about 10 minutes. At 10.30 a semi-circle was formed under the Gazebo and the Volvo reversed half into it with the boot open as people sat and "watched" The Match on the radio. After the football most packed up and set off for home (only to be followed by the poor weather accross the country) although a few die-hards remained until Monday.
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