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Obi Blyth Kanobe - 13 Jan 2021 -

Steve Boyd

Blyth friday 1pm : 8 degrees, southerly cross shore 4.5m(for brian dey) and 5.3m on the jp(for supermen like myself) rigged up and thought "i need something smaller" then as we were about to go on the water the wind died. seeing brian dey waddling and losing ground downwind did nothing for enthusiam. waited for 1 hour and then i decided to give it a go just after bob left with 5.3m on my 94litre F2. Surprise the wind filled in in the clearer sky and got some nice gybes on the outside swell and got some nice rides on some good set waves that were coming in. Brian decided to rejoin the me on the water just as the wind started to die. Today was about luck and timing and it must have been my turn as brian got the waterstarting and waddling- this is first time this has ever happened- it is usually the other way round- brian gets all the waves and i go swimming or cant get off the beach!. There was a very easy shore break with some good ridaeable waves today, and yet again the wind did not play ball.-atleast not for some ~  Steve

Andy Freeman ~ It was indeed quite a poor day. met up at 13:00 and had a flap of Brians' sail. Arm did not feel too good, pretty painful if the truth be known, combined with a few bumps and watching Brian go off downwind broke my will and I poked off home. its now blowing its socks off and still 8.5 degrees !!!! ~ Andy.

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