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D Bay - Sunday 15 January 2021 - Steve Carragher
7 blokes & 2 lasses made it to the beach. 2 got wet. D-bay North end Southerly, which was cross shore initially but turned increasing onshore as the day progressed. Matt & I sailed, rigging 5,5m and 7.2m a top 85l(ish) and 106l. The latter was more approptiate most of the time. I'll keep it brief as I will be accused of gloating otherwise. With enough sail rigged it was a great session today, with not enough, I imagine it was less than ideal. Initially there were some nice waves as the tide pushed in, allowing for some long backside rides and the odd frontside turn. If powered up on the way out there were some vertical ramps to hit but more often than not it was a bit of a slog out. Unfortunately Matt was simply underpowered.
Andy, Brian, Steve, Tony and another bloke thought about it but decided against it. In summary, I've probably had better sessions, but I have definately had worse.

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