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Doomsday @ Rhosy - 13 Jan 06 - John C
After a long absence from the water I finaly made time for a day trip to Rosneiger. Arived to find 40mph winds and a huge swell rolling into the bay. Sail choice was easy, my new 3.3m was sleeved up on a 4m mast and I expected to adjust the head strap to make it fit. Unfortunately although adjustable it would only rig on a 3.7m mast!

I riged the 4m sail, made it out through the shore break after several failed attempts. Foolishly tried a jump while manicaly overpowered and paid for it with a good winding after being slammed into the water.

Took a break to recover and some comfort in that even the locals were getting hammered at times on 3.3m sails. Latter managed to borrow a smaller mast to rig my 3.3m. This proved much more managable but the main panel split as I wiped out after my first run!

Those on the water were reporting the wind had eased so I had another go with my 4m sail. Still well overpowered but manged to hold it together for a couple of hours getting some nice air on the way out, blistering runs back in and even made a couple of gybes in between swims in the shore break. Highlight of the day was watching a shop sponsored guy execute a perfect mast high back loop overhead as a I swam in.

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