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DBay Jam Session - 19 Jan 06 - Gavin
I was very sceptical about today ever happening 'cause when I left home after letting Mr Freeman persuade me to, there was nothing happening in my windy tree. However arriving at the boatramp, I was gobsmacked to be greeted by white caps. Andy, Bob, Brian, Tdog and Boydy arrived in due course. The SW wind filled into a nice F5 and a poss bottom F6 for times, although we had to endure some F4 also. I had a good 1.5 hr blast in a positively mild 12C with both my 100l and 80l boards getting an airing, the rest on sub 100l boards also. The sea was quite flat, but some nice little wind blown wavelets were jacking up at times, consequently sail sizes were a little too large for some at times ranging from 4.7 to 6.2 for the big lad.

Andy got his first sail with his mended arm, but don't bother asking him to do your suit back up, his arm's ok for sailing but useless for doing up other peoples wetsuit zips, I had to endure copious amounts of chilly North Sea down my back, until I realised what was going on ..... Oh ! and don't expect Tdog to be able to manage a piss up in a brewery, he can't even remember to put his boom in the car.

An excellent little session .... oooh my (midweek skiver) arms ache.

Andy's comments were ~ "Can you pass me that hood" was all senility Duthie said. Didn't ask me to do his zip up!"

" What a crowd we are. TDOG had to help me derig as arm was getting very stiff post sailing. Surely my aches can be no worse than he has from day to day!

"Gavins toast must have been dropping butter side down for a while not to belive me when I said it was windy. Anyway after todays session he must feel like it dropped before he put the butter on and he had a little jam to spread on too."

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