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River Tyne - 27th May 2006 - Matt B
I didn't think it was going to be my day after arriving at D-Bay just as everyone else was leaving the water and having apparently missed a really good session, then arriving back in Newcastle just as the wind was picking up again.  However, Alex persuaded me to join him for an evening's sail at the mouth of the Tyne, and what at first didn't look very appealing turned out to be a lot of fun.  We rigged up (5.3/5.5) on the grass and climbed down the steep bank, across the treacherously slippy rocks, and finally into the river.  This was at about 7pm and we had solid, clean wind blowing straight down the river for a good couple of hours.  As expected the water quality wasn't great and there was also a bit of a rip which had to be battled against to keep position, but neither proved much of a problem.  We had a great time blasting, gybing, vulcaning (or attempting) and even flat water forwarding in Alex's case!  So in conclusion the Tyne river does offer a potentially good sail in a westerly and if access was easier I would probably be tempted to sail there more often.

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