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Longsands - 29th May 2006 - Matt B

I've never sailed at Tynemouth before but have always been curious about what it would be like.  The wind was a solid F4/5 northerly and from up by the surf shop the sea looked very impressive, with massive waves rolling in and the sun shining down.  Only having a 5.5m sail at the moment I wasn't sure if it was going to be too windy for me, but that turned out not to be the case and 5.5 was just about right.  We parked on the ramp at the northern end of the beach (me and Alex) and were quickly onto the water.  At first getting out through the shore break wasn't a problem as the tide was just on its way in and the swell hadn't reached its maximum.  Once out through the break the sailing was great and I was just powered up enough to get some jumps in off the ramps.  The riding wasn't too great because the wind was a bit onshore but the swell was so massive you didn't even need breaking waves!  As the afternoon progressed the waves became bigger and the shorebreak a serious problem, especially at high tide.  It became a bit hit or miss getting through the white water, sometimes you could get out no problem and other times you would get completely munched and dragged down the length of the beach!

I would definitely sail at Longsands again as it's a fine beach for wave jumping in a northerly wind and very convenient to get to.  It would be best when the wind is N or NE and the tide is not too high.  All in all another good day's sailing.

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