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Sun 28 Jan: Budle mouth -

Boydy/Steve C

well a good day was had bamburgh. the decision on kit size took some time as did the walk and it was worth it for john c(on 5.0m and jp freestyle wave), steve carragher(4.7m and wave board) and myself(on 5.3m and the wave board-should have taken the F2 instead-doh). cross off F5 occ.6 was evident when we first got down to the beach but it turned into a F4-5 with some stronger gusts occasionally. i managed two wave rides quickly followed by loads of rinsings. johnc was getting the best of it (as usual) and steve c had a good time if a little underpowered. steve c had to cut the day short with a broken mast. i ended sailing in the mouth of budle bay in the flat water as i was to underpowered to get thru the rip and wave break in the F4-5. the mouth was sailable till 2.30pm (3hours after a neap high tide, not very deep but not very big, perfect cross in a W-WNW). another sailor alan turned up later. sunny and 12 degrees, wind, flat and waves it cant get much better!

Addendum (Steve C): 

Fantastic session today. Epic, dare I say. Biggest waves I have sailed in in the North East. It was a day of riding, with cross off winds holding up the waves perfectly. Short walk down from where the cars were parked, John and I sailed directly out from the first bit of sandy beach, only about 80m from the car, if that.
As Steve said, I was a bit underpowered on the way out, but this meant that once on a wave I was perfectly powered. John definately had the best of it, sailed like a legend, barely dropped a gybe all day.
Session was curtailed by a snapped mast, silly mistake trying to ride the white water.

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