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Easter Monday 09 Apr - Boulmer - Peter

After calling in at Seaton Point the Boulmer Seals ( in this case Martin Mike & I) reconviened at Boulmer Haven. The tide was out but still going out so shallow across the whole bay. This did mean that some rocks near the middle were to cause Mike to loose a fin when travelling at speed and did cut down the planing area somewhat. Still for a first session on the North Sea this year for me it was a welcome easy sail.

At first (from around 1.00) there was not really any planing going on, but from around 2.00 for a good hour or more there was planing to be had with Martin and I on T Bird 7.5's and around 125L boards.

There were 3 others out, sorry do not know your names but will add if you supply, and Cath was on the beach so photos were taken (now in Gallery Summer 2007).

The nice thing about Boulmer is you can try that carve gybe on the outside and still be in shallows if you come off. A good place for learning even if you cannot get those long runs out, like at Seaton Point.

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