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Sundy 20 May - Kielder Water - Ross

It was a fitting end to a very windy weekend.


If Friday was the warm up and Saturday was the climax, Sunday was the chill-out session.


The roll call of sailors at Kielder today reads like this: Ally, Martin, Reiner, Mike, Peter, Terry D, Andy B, John P, Gavin and Mark.  The latter four are our friends from over the river, if you didn’t know. Ian and Colin of KWSC were also windsurfing, as was a visitor from down south (forgive me, I forgot your name).  Carl and Tony L were there too.  I know Tony didn’t sail (recovering from the lurgy) but I’m not sure if Carl did or not?


So, an incredible 14 windsurfers on the water.  Incredible partly because we didn’t really expect wind, and partly because lately we’ve become accustomed to organising events that few people attend.  So a massive thank you to those who made the effort to come, despite a poor forecast, and let’s hope this is a sign of things to come.  Ullswater is next on the calendar – hint, hint!


A few of us, including me, had brought our bikes expecting to have a windless ride, so it was with some surprise that on my arrival at 10.20am there was plenty of wind on the water, with whitecaps in the arm of the lake to the left of the sailing club, where the so’westerly was being squeezed before emptying into the main body of the lake.  It was there that I aimed to sail and armed with 6.2 and 120lt board, in my role as wind monkey, I tacked up to the windy zone and faired well at first, planing consistently, but the wind soon moderated to the bottom of a F4 which Andy, the next on the water, demonstrated was perfect for powered-up 7m sailing.


Re-equipped with 7.5m sail, my sailing resumed and I enjoyed some great long reaches to the far side of the lake, at one point planing right through the middle of a dinghy race that was in progress at the time.  Apologies to them for that, but we managed to avoid any real disruption, I think. 


The morning session was followed by an excellent lunch from the KWSC galley and we all sat around chatting in the sunshine generally feeling at one with the world.    


For me it was also a great day to catch up with old faces from the sailing club, where I had started my sailing a few years ago on my Laser before the windsurfing disease struck me. 


The glow on my face tonight is not just due to the sun and the wind of this weekend.  Today may not have been a roller coaster like yesterday or Friday but it was a soul session nonetheless.

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