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Sun 27 May - Blyth - Ross

In the unusual NE wind direction that we got today, Blyth was going to be as good as anywhere further north and we weren't disappointed.

Brian on 5.2, me on 5.5 and Alistair and Nico on 5.8, we were well powered in the steady cross (slightly on) shore breeze.

The shorebreak needed power to get through it, which we didn't always have (splash, etc) but once on the outside the entertainment was in bucketfuls.  The swell on the outside was quite massive at times.  Delphine got a photo of Nico and Brian in the troughs where their sails were visible only above their logos.

It was a short session for me but some of the best sailing I've had since El Medano, and quite reminiscent of it too, with port tack and big swell.  Except this time I managed to do some nice outside gybes off the faces!

Short but sweet, and back in time for tea, 10 minutes along the road! 

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