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Ullswater 23 June 2021 - Peter Amos


Day 1

My day started early as I had to meet a man at Scotch Corner at 8.00am to collect a board bought on ebay. Transaction successfully concluded I set off along the A66 to Penrith. It had been raining up to now but as I crossed to the West the sky cleared and the sun came out. There was to be no rain all day, it was warm and most of the time sunny better yet we actually got some wind.

I arrived around 10 to find Reiner and Trudy encamped having gone over on Friday. Toad and Harvey shortly followed, but that was it from the Club.

We rigged up and I set up my newly acquired JP Freeride 144 and rigged 7.5 and 9.3. The 7.5 after one run was discarded for the 9.3 which became the sail of choice for the rest of the day.

It was really F3 most of the time with occasional planning runs for us all.

We interspersed the sailing with refreshments on shore until last runs around 3.30 when the wind properly got up to F4 and permitted some proper hooked in both feet in the straps blast across the lake from side to side.

Sailing was finished off with a visit to the excellent free showers, massive pressure and lovely and hot followed by a Bar B Q'd burger on the club gas Bar B Q rescued from Toad's attic.

Those that were camping settled in with some beers for the evening whilst I had a very pleasant drive home over by Alston with stunning views in the evening sunshine before retuning to a wet North East Coast. 1Hr 45 min drive 10 launch fee not a bad way to spend the day.

We may not have had blasting conditions all day but at times just sitting on the board floating in the middle of Ullswater with the beautiful scenery of hills and cloudscapes all around make the trip special. I'm only sorry so many of you chose not to take the opportunity of a battery recharge that will last me well into the week with a smile on my face.

Day 2 - Ian Rienewerf

There was a wedding on Saturday of one of the daughters at the farm where the campsite is and they had a reception in the barn next to the site. On saturday we were warned it would be noisy and sure enough we had night time fire works, fire jugglers & acrobats, and listened to live music with disco from the Wedding Party in the barn (it went on until daybreak at 6am - the dirty stop out's)

A little over night rain had cleared by the morning - but no wind was ever looking likley to show.

Showers threatened by 11am, so Reiner packed the tent - I went off on the scooter to do some leaflet drops for work, and Harvey stayed on to enjoy the scenery before heading off at midday. Steve and Sarah headed off home early. They had a decent walk out on Satuday as the forecast meant they had arrived without any sailing gear. The final NWSC headcount was 6 of us staying on until Sunday morning.
Ullswater is still a magical place to stay, with or without the wind.
For once the weather forcast was wrong about the lack of breeze, and the dry(ish)weekend weather means next year will be pencilled into my 2008 diary.

Some photos in Gallery

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