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Sat 04 Aug - Seaton Point - Ross

I thought Id probably missed my chance.  Gavin texted me at 11.00 to say a few were meeting at D-Bay at 11.30.  At the time I got the text, despite the windy early morning conditions, I was sitting at the caf on Tynemouth beach, watching someone fly a kite in marginal conditions (even for a kite).  Then it started to drizzle.


By lunchtime it had started to pick up, the opposite of the forecast, and I got a call from Dan in the Borders to say that it was blowing a hoolie up there and did I fancy a sail.  Based on that I changed my plans and headed for Seaton Point where we found a low tide and wind right to the shore.


I launched on 6.2 and 120lt and was nicely powered to the extent that after the first run I needed to flatten off the sail.  This coincided with the wind suddenly turning more westerly for a while, causing a big wind shadow, with 5.5m weather outside the wind line but a big windless gap to cross to get there.  At this point Gavin, who had had iffy wind at D-Bay earlier, had seen enough and set off for home. 


The wind God realised this sacrifice half an hour later as the wind switched back to SW and increased in strength.  This it did, gradually, for the next hour and despite switching to my 95lt board I was way overpowered at the end, my 6.2 being far too big.  In all though, it was a nice couple of hours of sailing, especially as it was unexpected.


Dan, one of my new buddies from the Borders, joined in the fun and sailed really well despite rusty technique and previous-era kit.  After a short waterstarting tutorial, he cracked it on both tacks!  Well done mate, if everyone was as determined as you wed all be planing out of duck gybes by now!


Peter was the only other person sailing, having a good time on his 6.6 for the most part.  It was at the end of the session that he had something to gloat about though a five-minute drive back home to his new cottage in Lesbury.  And very nice it is too. 

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